Social Media Break Week 2

When I started this Social Media (Facebook) Hiatus I thought it would be the most difficult thing imaginable.  And the first few days were brutal, I kept wanting to sign in and see who was engaging with my posts, to see what my friends were posting and engage with those posts.  Then I started doing other things to get my mind of Facebook.....

I sent out a couple tweets, so I've not been great at cutting myself off Twitter, but honestly it's about 3 tweets a day maybe five minutes total so it's not too bad.  I've definitely kept up with my Instagram and have sent out many, many pictures keeping people updated with what was going on, but I didn't check my notifications for Facebook.

I've started doing other things as well, like an hour phone call with my friend Angela.  I've texted people I've never really texted before, I've written letters to many people and have even got them addressed in envelopes ready to be mailed.  Seriously, I love writing letters but the follow thru of mailing them, I SUCK!! By the end of this month I'll be better.

I've even taken a break from blogging all the time.  I spend time writing my blogs, but I don't do it while my kids are wanting to engage in activities with me.  I've got so much more free time too, now that I'm not always perusing Facebook, and I've been able to finish home renovation projects, trying new recipes, and maybe making Pinterest not something just dreams are made.

It's funny because since I've stopped checking my Facebook account I've gotten a couple messages from Facebook that are asking me to come back.

At least they still love me even if my love for them is decreasing. No that's not true, I still love all the positive things about Facebook, being able to connect with my friends and family that are far away, being able to keep friends and family up to date with my family life.  Connecting with other people who have the same interests as I do, meeting new people. there are lot's of positives about Facebook.

What I don't miss?  People posting negative status that are vague and attention seeking, people posting articles that are definitely one sided on different views and when you comment on these articles with an opposing view they attack you.  I don't miss Facebook suggesting friends too me. I don't miss those people that use Facebook as a platform for pontificating and seeking attention like they are in high school and need the validation.  All in all it's been nice, and as I move forward from this hiatus, I may not put Facebook on my phone, I may just check it on my computer and I'd be ok with that.


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