Free Friday {Friday Five}

I'm once again linking up with Mar, Cynthia and Courtney for a Friday Five!! Today is a free Friday so make sure you go to check out what everyone is blogging about!!

Today I'm going to talk about the 5 places I'd like to visit and possibly do runs at!!

1. Disney World
    I've been to Disneyland a few times and I know I'll be going again soon!! But I've never been to Disney World and I think it would be fun to do one of the Disney Runs down there!! It would definitely give me an excuse to go and I hear it's pretty fabulous down there!!

2. Cabo San Lucas
    My mom actually has a time share down there and my uncle lives there. They do this 1/2 marathon that is right along the beach and partly through town. I really love the idea of incorporating holidays into my runs.  So I get to go on a run but my family can also enjoy the beach and stuff!

3. Dublin, Ireland
    A girlfriend of mine ran a marathon or 1/2 marathon here once for the heart and stroke foundation. Ireland has always had a draw to me because of the history and beauty that is described there.  I think this would be a cool place to visit and participate in some kind of run and maybe I'd be able to coordinate it so I could meet my favourite author as well!!

4. Greece
    I'm not sure about doing runs here, I just think this would be an amazing place to visit. I love Greek Mythology and I think it would be something that Chandler and I would enjoy seeing together.  It's really hot there so if I were going to do a run it would have to be when it wasn't so hot, but for touring around I like the heat.  It's a definite conundrum.

Narrowing this down to five is hard.  I love to see the Eastern Provinces and do a run out there, or the Eastern states and Washington DC.  I'd also love to go to many different places in Europe so It's hard listing off just five, but here's the place that has moved into the number 5 spot

5. New Zealand
    Most people I talk to want to go to Australia, which would be totally cool, but I'm more fond of New Zealand! It looks greener!! I don't know about running here but I'm sure there would be a nice run or some awesome trails to travel on while visiting this cute island country!!

I think this running bug is going to get expensive!!! Maybe I can convince some company to sponsor me in travelling to these places......hey it's an idea!!

Where are places you'd like to travel? What are your bucket list runs?


  1. great list. running a disney race is on my list!

    1. it seems to be on a lot of people's lists!! but it looks like so much fun!!

  2. These all sound wonderful to me! I was supposed to be at Disney Marathon weekend this year, but had to defer...hopefully I'll be there in January!

    1. I read about that on your blog, and you are training for a the NJ Marathon, that's left me in Awe!! I'm new to this running for races so maybe one year I'll think I can do a full, right not completing the SeaWheeze in August is where my mind is set!!


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