Week three Social Media Hiatus break

Ok this week was so HARD!! I had  few doctor's appointments and a few long waits in waiting rooms.  Let me tell you, when you need a time killer is there.  I really wished I'd had the Facebook app on my phone at that point because well it's a good time waster when you are forced to wait.

But I did make it through the week, and I didn't cave.  Well not until Family Day, then I decided I could go on check my notifications and put forth any responses that needed to be addressed.  I'm also waiting for something to come in on one of the groups I follow so I needed to see if it was in.  But now that I've checked the notifications and stuff, I'm not sad to not be going on it each day.  Once a Day checking Facebook is more then enough time to check Facebook, unless I'm in the midst of selling or buying things.

I'd spend less time on Facebook if I'd block out time (30 mins) each day to check what was going on. It would also make my life much more productive.

In this time being off Facebook, I've found that it's so nice.  If you feel like taking this challenge do it for Lent!! Remember with Lent you get one day a week to indulge in that you have given up!! It's tough the first week or so but after that it gets better, maybe don't go cold turkey like I did, maybe allow yourself to check it only on the computer, removing the App from your phone?

Well I'm off to do something with the family, and get in a run yet today!!


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