Stop and smell the roses

I know I am blogging a lot today.  It's just that I have the time and motivation to do so, so let's just roll with it!!!

The other day I was walking to my friend Roxi's house with Little Man.  Little Man began walking three weeks ago and he's very excited to do so and I encourage him to walk by letting him down and holding his hand while he toddles along.  So we were at Roxi's house for her Little Guy's second birthday.  The birthday party started at 3 and Little Man and I were running late because he had slept in from his nap.  The other issue was that Little Man and I were booked solid from that point on, birthday party then supper with Aunty Estelle at Red Lobster at 4:30.  I wanted to spend as much time as possible visiting everyone.  I always feel this way when I go back to Saskatoon, it's so busy and rushed trying to fit everyone in for a visit.  Anyways, I digress, as we were walking up the sidewalk I was thinking in my head, "hurry up, walk faster, come on let's go" and then Little Man fell down because quite possibly my thoughts were manifesting into actions by walking faster than he could.  I stooped down and put him back on his feet and he just looked at me.  It was that look that prompted this thought. "Why was I in such a hurry?"

Life has changed in the past few years.  We are always rushing to get things done, to finish our checklists and to move onto the next task.  We no longer have time to just walk and enjoy the sunshine, even if you think that's what you are doing, you are keeping things on a schedule so that you can move to the next task when it is "time".  Children start out walking very slow, they are watching everything that is going on around them.  They take in everything and are so happy about what they see and what they are experiencing.  Yet, we as adults and parents are rushing them onto the next task, and we become frustrated when we are slowed down.  How many times have you walked with your child and then just scooped them up because you can walk faster??  How many times have you rushed your child through a new experience because you had to finish supper, get groceries or any number of other menial tasks.  I mean the tasks have to get done, but are they more important than building those memories and life learning experiences with your child?

I know I have come to this conclusion before, I know that I have forgotten this lesson before.  So how do I keep this lesson in my fore thoughts, so that I don't rush my way through my children's childhood??  How do you make sure you build memories each day with your children??


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