Dr. Phil episode...... Dirt, Lies and the internet......

Well as I may be playing with fire, here is my take on this Dr. Phil episode.  I know my friend has blogged about this and has since had to remove her blog because someone did not respect her opinions and made some inappropriate comments.  Therefore, I know my opinions may ruffle some feathers.

But here it goes. 

My sister and I watched this episode of Dr. Phil.  And I will admit that the topic was an interesting one.  It's one that has crossed my mind from time to time.  Why not have a tabloid site for regular people?  Now I do not agree with just posting pictures to have the general public make fun of those people, that's not fair nor is it right.  People should have a right to face their attackers, I mean if you get accused of a crime you get to face your accusers. 

So this is where I will in a way defend Nik Richie..... what he does on his site is really no different than what Perez Hilton does on his or Hollywoodlife.com does on theirs.  The big difference is that Nik Richie goes after real people that are submitted by his Dirty Army, where Hollywoodlife.com and Perez Hilton go after celebrities.  So how can we attack Nik Richie for what he does, but let Perez Hilton and the like get away with what they are doing and not blame them.  Simply because Perez Hilton and the tabloids feature stars does not excuse their behaviour.

Here is where I will not defend Nik Richie.... I spent a little time on his site. In moments of anger I would think about sabotaging people via viral web based publications... sure.... but should I?? If I put it out there I can't ever get it back.... it's out there forever.  I may "delete" it but those good hackers can get it and if it's already taken on a life of it's own, then it can be very damaging to the person it's about (I know this just showed a very dark side to me :S)  Here is the other difference between tabloids and Nik Richie, although most stories in tabloids are negative, there are some that are positive, some that celebrate celebs lives, I have not seen one of those on Thedirty.com.  There has to be balance... so why not create a website that celebrates the lives of regular people?  I mean we all do it if we use Facebook or twitter.  We post stuff about our lives and let others comment on them.  Sometimes the comments are jesting, other times they are serious, but only you know the truth behind what your friends are saying.  How would I do that?? 

To tell you the truth, I find celeb news addicting, I want to know what's going on, but there are times when I am like, why can't I find a posting about friends or real people in general.  Why do the celebs get all the attention?  Wouldn't celebs like to read about what is going on in regular people's lives like we like to read about theirs.  Maybe if that happened people would have a better understanding of what it's like to live under the microscope, and maybe people wouldn't be so quick to judge or pass judgement.

I don't know.....it's all what it is.... Nik Richie had an idea, and maybe he is not monitoring it as well as he should, maybe he needs more balance on his site.  But he had an idea and sadly he is making money from it, but I don't cast him in the role of "all that is evil" because Perez Hilton is in that lot as well....

So what do you think??


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