Can I even Name five?? {Friday Five}

It's another Friday Five!! You can learn more about the Friday Five from our lovely hosts, MarCynthia or Courtney!! You can also read some other bloggers fun posts by reading the links at the end of our hosts post!!

Today's topic is our favourite Five Indoor Workouts.
I'm not even sure I can name five indoor workouts that I love, but I am so excited to read other people's ideas to see if I can bring them into my workouts!!

1. Yoga
I am late to the game, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE yoga!! IT's so amazing, when I have a good yoga session I feel the same as I do after a run!! So Yes I love yoga, but I do not love Bikram Yoga.  I know lot's of people who love Bikram Yoga, but I am not one of those people. I like to feel like I've workout after doing any type of physical activity, I do not like to feel like I'm ready to heave my guts on the floor.  To those of you that love Bikram, congrats that's awesome, I'll follow a different yoga path for me!!

2. Weight training
I really enjoy weight training with kettle bells or free weights!! I've been at this long enough that I have a pretty decent repertoire of exercises to do that each day can be different activities that will work the different muscle groups.  It's such an easy 30 minute workout and with the way my schedule is that's all I can do sometimes.  I will usually work major and minor muscle groups together, for example I will do squats with a shoulder press or lunges with a bicep curl.  I think I learned that from the Jillian Michaels videos I used to do!

3. Zumba / Dancing
I really enjoy Zumba and sometimes I even enjoy doing Zumba on the Wii, but I prefer to go to a class to take my Zumba.  They have a glow Zumba class in town and I think that would be lot's of fun!! When I can't go to a Zumba class though, putting on a dance session with the boys is fun too!! Probably not as effective as a dance class, but it gets me up and moving and that's more important!!

4. Workout Videos?
I guess I enjoy these but I never do them, or I do them but so sporadically that I don't know if they can even be counted!! I use Jillian Michaels and I guess I used to use the Wii Fit, but I got tired of that jerk telling me I was obese hahahhaa

5. Yeah that's it, I got nothing else!!
Any suggestions would be awesome, I guess I play indoor soccer and I really like that, and it is a workout,  so yeah number 5 can be Soccer!!


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