Prince T is 8 months old

It's been 8 months since my little Prince joined our family!! 8 months, that's so crazy to think, it still feels like it hasn't been that long, yet it also feels like it's flown by!! I love and hate watching my children grow.  I think it goes by so fast in the first year because they change so much, and we measure everything in weeks and months, then they hit a year and then two so then things stretch out but they aren't changing as fast anymore.  It's great and sad at the same time because I'm so proud of my kids, they are the highlight of every day, and I couldn't love them more if I tried.

Anyways I'm getting all sappy now!! Prince T, our little Teddybear,  is a mover and shaker. He's mastered our sunken living room step, he can get up and down(this is not as graceful yet), he's sleeping through the night (i'm amazed and scared to even broadcast this in case he makes a liar of me also there is a future post, tomorrow or monday about our sleep training), he's eating solids and having three meals a day plus snacks.  The little munchkin loves his big brothers, he watches their every move.  He's starting to communicate with signs now, not any of the ones I'm trying to teach him, but his own which are very consistent!! He has cut his first tooth.  He has an oral fixation, everything goes in his mouth, keeps me on my toes for sure.

Prince T is also very aware of his dislikes as well.  He dislikes long car drives still, who can blame him though, sitting in a car seat facing backwards, pretty boring.  He also does not like a bottle so pretty sure bottles will not be part of his life at all.  He's not a raving fan of the animals in the house, but he's starting to show an interest in them and he doesn't scream when he's near them as quickly as he used to.  He's also not a fan of being away from home for extended periods of time.

Our Family is picture perfect, now to just get that picture. Gotta get ahold of Triple Ten Photography to get that photo session booked, but I think we will leave it for his first birthday!!


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