All about ME Friday Five

It's another Friday Five!! You can learn more about the Friday Five from our lovely hosts, Mar, Cynthia or Courtney!! You can also read some other bloggers fun posts by reading the links at the end of our hosts post!!

So I'm supposed to write five things about me, but I feel like I do that at least once a month... so I'm going to put my own little spin on it.  Here are Five Things about me from when I became a mom for the first time!!

1. I was 19 years old!!
I was young, or at least I felt I was young. I was in my year off from school, I'd just graduated high school, and was thinking of going to University in the fall.  So I was young, I mean I wasn't 16 and pregnant, but I felt ready. I also did not believe at the time that I had other options besides having the baby.  I get that there are other options out there, but I didn't feel comfortable with those other decisions, I'd gotten myself into this mess I was going to clean it up!

2. I knew very little about babies
I had younger siblings, and I knew how to change diapers.  I was always good with kids, but I really knew very little about babies.  I had zero expectations for this baby. I guess that's sort of a lie, I took a second year off from attending university because I didn't know if the baby would be colicky or not. But as to how long it would take him to eat, how often to change diapers, how to install a carseat, those things I had no idea. There was a steep learning curve.

3. It was the only time in my life when my body bounced back
I remember being in high school thinking I had some extra pounds (oh to only have the extra pounds of my high school self now) and I remember being terrified that being pregnant I would gain all this weight and I would never loose it. I had a girlfriend who had a baby and she had the worst swelling she was three sizes larger than her normal size by the end of her pregnancy.  So as my pregnancy progressed and I grew I worried I'd never get back to normal.  Silly me, first, I didn't get that big, I was 7 months pregnant before people started inquiring and when I told them my due date they were surprised.  Secondly, I went home from the hospital in a pair of my regular jeans.  Yup only time in my life where I've bounced back. I should have been more grateful lol

4.Every day my child woke up I counted as a win
Because of point 2 I felt that every day my child didn't die because of something I did was a win!! I mean as long as I could keep him growing and getting bigger and stronger then I must be doing something right.  I had common sense plus an army of support!!

5. I was immediately, completely, utterly in love
Anyone who doesn't believe in love at first sight, has never held their child for the first time.  They've never had the little miracle in their arms and known that this is what love is; being willing to protect this innocent bundle from all harm possible and do everything in your power to ensure they have a full and memorable life!! I knew the moment I laid eyes on him that he would be one of the greatest loves of my entire life, and he still is to this day!!


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