Zoo Lights

I've lived in Alberta for 8 years, for 5 of those 8 years I've said I should go to Zoo lights, to see what this is all about. and for 4 of those years I have never gone.  And each year I kick myself for not going.  I love Christmas lights so I really want to see these light displays!! But this year we went!! I was so excited!!!

It was a chilly day, but we went to The Fine Diner for lunch.  The food was great the atmosphere was upscale but the service was not the best, we got the feeling that they begrudgingly let us in with our kids.  I mean the waiter only gave my friend and I glasses of water the kids were not given glasses of water.  So if you don't have kids I'd say go, the food is worth it, if you do have kids maybe pick another location!!

After lunch we headed to the zoo.  We arrived early so the kids could see some of the animals!! I think they enjoyed the crisp out door air, it was fun watching them move around the zoo and we were able to see more activity out of some of the animals.  The kids were very excited.

Lil Man and Miss S played around and posed for all our crazy pictures, in three years they are going to be so irritated with our picture taking, but it's so much fun right now!! Great blackmail material should we ever need it!!

I was impressed with the lights, they were really neat.  The kids liked them too but it was a long day!!  As pretty as having a monochromatic light display can be, my favourite light displays are still the lights with many different colours in them. I also really liked the Hippopotamus song light display!! The kids liked the sugar plum forest and the butterfly area.

We didn't know at the time, but you can go skating as well, so maybe next year if they have that again, we will bring the skates for the kids!!


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