My About Me page

So they say having an About Me page is very important for bloggers.  It's the page people click on after they have clicked on your post and want to find out more about you.  To see if they can maybe connect with you and them maybe they want to return and read more of your posts, or something like that, at least theoretically. For the longest time I basically had a "under construction" sign on my about me page.  Bad Bad

Now over the holidays I worked on my About me page.  I read some blogs on doing about me pages and how to make them interesting but the most important piece of advice was to be real in the About Me page. It's like an autobiography, or a resume for blog readers.  If they like your About me page they are going to come back  and find out what else you've been up too.

Now I have to continue working on my blog, to make it a true reflection of who I am or a true reflection of my public self.  I don't need to share everything, there are certain things in my life that I'd prefer to keep private.  Nah that's not a true statement, but I guess there are some things that don't always need to be highlighted, like if I fight with my husband, because generally those are little fights and in the heat of the moment I might be mad but I still love my husband and I'd never want to say something in the heat of the moment that would turn others against him.  Make sense?

Anyways, go check out my About Me page!! Let me know what you think!!



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