Snow Fort V2

Lil Man loves (and needs) to play outside!! He has so much energy all the time so it's very important that he has appropriate clothing and opportunities to be outside.  Last year we built a snow fort in our front yard, this year we've now done two in our back yard.  the first one was really basic, but it was fun and Lil Man played outside for hours in his fort, it even had a garage!!  

The second snow fort was built thanks to our neighbours and their snow blower!! So the neighbour kids came over and snow blowed our yard into a pile and then Lil Man got to build in that fort. We missed the good days for tunnel digging and there was some freezing rain and melting so it became more of a hill, but Lil Man still loved it!!
 Last year while we were working on the snow fort, we let Lil Man 'paint' his snow fort, and that activity kept him busy for hours over many days.  It was so easy too, just fill a squirt bottle with food colouring and water and send him out to spray his fort.  He loves colouring his snow fort!!
 Because Lil Man is really a great big brother, he built a seat for Prince T so that Prince T could come out and play with him!!

 He has started building a little tunnel for himself, it's his hide-y-hole!! He's got such a great imagination and now he's decided he wants to build a garage for his snow fort!! I mean his snow fort is going to be better than our house, we don't even have a garage!!


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