My Home Gym Items

You don't actually need much to create a pretty awesome Home Gym!! In fact your living room with a towel and soup cans could work if that's all you have.  It's not about fancy equipment it's about getting up and working out!!

Get up and move!!  

You can do a really intense total body workout just by using your own body weight  and you would need no other equipment.  So having a home gym does not have to look like anything special, it can if that's what motivates you, but it's not a necessity.

I spent November and December working out in my living room.  I had my iPhone with playlists (fast tempo music that I enjoy), my free weights, my kettle bells, a yoga mat, a weighted ball and an exercise ball. I also used chairs and steps to help me with some of the work outs.  I also had some private yoga lessons to help improve my yoga, which I absolutely loved.

It really wasn't anything fancy but it is definitely a beginner level workout, only because I only know how to do a handful of exercises with each of those equipments. If you are well versed in physical training you can do some pretty intense workouts, you wouldn't build a lot of bulk with the weights I had, because nothing was over 10 pounds, but you could definitely build your endurance.  Lot's of reps with lower weights.

I have decided I want to up my fitness level to the next level, I want to be fit.  I want to be able to run with my kids in the park, I want to have strength to wrestle with the boys (because that's what they do), I want to feel healthy, and I want to be able to eat whatever the hell I want knowing I'll just put some more time into a workout.

Ok I have to clarify that last statement, I don't mean I want to binge on chips and pepsi (sounds heavenly) every night, but let's say my boys want a movie night and we want to have those as our snack, I want to feel I can have them without taking three steps backwards in my progress. I also want to be able to have a piece (or two) of birthday cake at my birthday and to have ice cream as well.  I get that for at least 80% of the time I need to be eating healthy and right for my body, but right now I don't feel I can eat any treats  and see any progress so I need to get on track.  Wow this was a total deviation from what this post is about sorry!!

Back to it! Making a home gym is easy I've decide though to help me stay on track I need to feel like I'm going to the gym, somewhere that's separate from my kids, that I can go to have a break from my life in my four walls.  Being on Maternity leave, my earnings are below the poverty line, so I can't really justify a gym membership even though they have treadmills, I need to stop being a baby and go outside to run in the cold.  So I've decide to convert my storage area basement into a home gym.

I've not started it yet, but I do have the equipment I need and once I get working on it I'll update the blog. It's going to be very simple but it will be a separate area and it will have a large selection of free weights (I bought a set from costco) my yoga mat and bolster, my exercise ball, kettle bells, and weighted ball. Plus a speaker system to play my music while I work out!!


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