A day in the Life

Sometimes I do things that are a little crazy.... So while reading Cynthia's blog Yousignedupforwhat.com I was trying to leave a comment and then I ended up linking up to her a Day in the Life Blog, meaning that I had a blog written on a day in my life..... oops I did not... so here I am writing it!!

5:00 am : Up with Prince T, for a feeding I took him back into bed with me so that we could sleep a little while longer.

5:20 am: he's moving around too much so I take him back to his bed because I want another hour of sleep before I have to get up to get Lil man off to the bus.

6:30am: Alarm goes off and I peel my eyes open, I can hit snooze at least once, tap the phone and roll over.

6:40am: alarm is going off and Lil Man has busted into my room asking if he can get up now, I guess it's morning time.

6:40-7:00am: Breakfast for Lil Man, while I make and pack his lunch, then he brushes his teeth and hair, he's recently started to desire to style his hair, so we style his hair, Mad Men style.

7:00-7:30am: reading homework from school, and reading a library book. I'm so glad Lil Man loves to read!!

7:30-7:50am: school bag is packed time to get ready to catch the bus, yes there are 20 mins here, but Lil Man is such a dawdler that I'm surprised he ever gets outside for recesses, he's like the dog in UP.

7:50-8:02am: go to bus stop and wait for bus to arrive, Lil Man is off to school and I'm off to the doctor's clinic.

8:02-8:30: pick up a Collection bag for Prince T for a urine sample, he's been sick for three weeks now, pick up some hydra sense for Prince T as well to clear his sinuses.   Stop at Tim Horton's to grab and Ice Cap for Chandler and I.

8:30-9:30: cleaning the house and purging the two front closets.  It's time to get rid of my junk and stop holding onto things.

Morning work out was started around 10:00 am and finished at 10:45.

Over the lunch hour I went to the medical lab twice to try to drop off a sample, apparently urine samples need to be refrigerated, wish they'd told me that at first!!

Afternoon I'm blogging, cleaning and getting supper ready.

Supper is at 5:30 and kids are in bed by 7.  I'm so looking forward to some quiet time this evening!!


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