Social Media Hiatius

I said in December that I was going to take a break from Social media and only check my Facebook on the computer.  Well if that were a school class, I'd have received a failing grade, yup failing, it's just so damn addicting!!

So February I'm going to take a hiatus from Social media in my personal life.  I'm still going to post for my blogs and for my Fifth Avenue Collection business, but for my personal life, I'm going to take a break.

I love Facebook for the connections it has allowed me to keep and the friendships I have made, but sometimes, sometimes I find myself going to a really negative place.  I get really irritated with some of the posts I see on my news feed and to block or unfriend those people that make those posts would cause drama and I'm not about drama.  But I also get irritated with the people that use Facebook to spread propaganda they know very little about!  But then they would totally die defending these views and if you comment they tell you you are wrong for disagreeing with them.  I really want Facebook to be a positive venue so I need to give myself a time out!

I actually don't think this is anything against the posters but how I'm missing something in the interactions with my friends. Too many of my 'friends' on Facebook are now in this new category, Facebook friends, meaning we are only friends on Facebook. I want to keep in contact with these people but I would really like to build that relationship so that it's not just on the computer, hell a phone call or a snail mail letter would be AMAZING!!

I phoned a friend of mine a couple weeks back, and we talked on the phone for an hour, an HOUR!! We had so much to say to each other, stuff that can't be as effectively communicate via messenger/ text of Facebook posts, because the voice brings so much inflection and meaning to what is being shared.  I loved it!! I love talking with people, I love face to face or phone conversations. I used to spend hours, HOURS on the phone leaning against the wall twisting the cord (yes I talked on a corded phone, it was even a rotary phone) around my legs.  It was beautiful.  *I do a positive moment journal on index cards (1 index card for each day of the year) and that was my moment for that day)

So I want to put my energy into my relationships, but I want to do it on those platforms that existed before Facebook, before Myspace, before MSN Messenger, before Chat rooms.... I will use phone calls, text messages and letters!! Yup Letters, I'm terrible at mailing letters but my goal for February will be to mail out a letter a day!! And not just a stock letter but a personalized letter!!

There will still be Facebook activity from me because of this blog, and instagram, but other than that I'm going to stay off.  Facebook takes up too much of my time and I need to spend my time doing other things, Facebook is a luxury, not something I need to spend 2 hours + a day on which is what I calculated I was doing.

I'm taking a break from Twitter as well, but as I don't spend that much time on Twitter it's not that big of deal!!

Have you ever taken a Social Media Hiatus? How did it work out for you?


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