I've fallen in love with brunch, and I do mean the meal but it's more than that, it's not about the food, but the activity of brunch. Sitting down relaxing with friends or family enjoying good food and leisurely sipping some coffee or tea.  It's the visiting that I find the most enthralling, that makes it an activity I want to do on a regular basis.

Sex in the City always showed the girls going out for Brunch on Sunday.  Many times they shared there different escapades from the night before or would admonish each other over being dumb about men.  Even when Samantha lived on another coast she would travel back to New York to have brunch with the girls. Eventually their brunch table grew, it wasn't just the four girls, husbands and kids joined.

Watching the show, I was envious, to be able to get together with your girlfriends, friends whomever you wanted on a regular basis and not feel rushed to be anywhere else.  It's not breakfast where you are rushing off to work/ school, It's not lunch where you have to worry about pick ups from school and after school activities or if you work you only get 30-60 minutes.  It's not supper where you've spent your whole day doing everything else and would really just rather crawl into your pjs, turn on the television and rest. It's brunch a time after the kids are gone to school, but before lunch so you have a good 4 hours to just enjoy some good company.  It IS AMAZING!!

I've had those Sunday Brunches at home with the family and those are nice, but to have brunch with your friends where you are sitting around visiting, grazing on food, sipping coffee, now that's the pinnacle of Brunch!! I've been lucky with this maternity leave, I've found some friends that are also off work or don't work during the week, so we've been able to get together for Brunch.  It was so nice, the kids played or ate, the adults visited, there was no pressure. I've even hosted once and I wasn't stressed about getting Brunch ready, getting brunch together is not the same as having supper with friends.

I made a crock pot casserole the night before, some cheese dip and had veggies and fruit out for everyone to enjoy.
It was easy and if you do it on a rotating basis everyone would get a turn to host and how nice would it be for a weekly (or monthly if you aren't as ambitious as I) get together over some good food and fantastic company to top it all off.


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