Finding Motivation

There are few things in my life that I am solely intrinsically motivated to do.  For most things in my life there is some kind of extrinsic motivator that encourages me do the best job possible.  Parenting, seeing the smile on my children's face as we build memories is amazing and I'd do anything to see them smile everyday.  Working, I really enjoy the pay check and I enjoy knowing that I am helping others, I'm a fixer I like to fix things and my job is full of things that I have to fix.  I've talked about my WHY for healthy eating and exercising, having that extra energy to do all the things I have going on is amazing.  I guess that one might be more intrinsically motivated then any others, but it ties into my parenting motivators.  I think that's why I'm struggling with my writing. I write because I love to write, but because there is not extrinsic reward (I'm not making money blogging, nor am I gaining incredible number of readers to garner infamy) it often gets shoved to the back burner for other things in my life.

Honestly, it's not about getting paid and making money (I wouldn't turn it down if it happened and someone wanted to pay me to do this) but lot's of times I feel like this is a journal, a diary and I'm talking to myself.  Intrinsically, I love writing, I love being able to sit here in the quiet hours, be they morning or night, and write, write about things that are on my mind, write about things I think may help others, just write.  I just don't know, I haven't found my WHY.

I'd love to build my reader base on this blog, to possibly earn some money doing this crazy stuff.  But how do I do that when I'm all over the place with my blogging.  I blog about travelling, exercising, goals, healthy eating, parenting, crazy things my kids do, my kids.  I blog about my road to running a half marathon, I blog about BLOGGING!!! So many different topics, and it's my blog I can have as many topics as I want, but my readers may not want to read that many so they won't sign up to receive updates, thus I won't increase my readership or page views and then I won't get my blog to increase in making money.  Do you see my problem?

I've read all the blogs about how to make money with your blog, how to maximize your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and I try to do those with my blogs, I use the right SEO's for each blog, I plan my blogs around what people might want to read, but one thing I've noticed about successful blogs is they may have a variety of topics they post on but generally they have one main subject that they write on.  Fitness, Well being, teaching, money management, beauty, fashion etc, but that's not what my blog does and that's a struggle for me (it's also why I have 5 blogs lol none of which are well managed).

It's hard to put writing as a priority, I want to build memories with my kids, I want to earn money for my family, I want to read and enjoy time with my friends and because there is no extrinsic motivator (money or comments on the blog) I neglect it even when I say I'm going to write. I have it in my schedule (the past two days) to write but I haven't done it, I've done other things.  *Comments on my blog would be an extrinsic motivator because I would respond to those comments it would be like starting a conversation FYI*

Maybe this doesn't make sense, maybe I'm being selfish about this, but if I could find away to make this a paying hobby, where I had actual deadlines, where there was some extrinsic motivator I'd be more inclined to write more frequently.


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