Christmas Baking

I was so lucky this year!! Like super duper lucky!! I got a Kitchen Aid Mixer!! It's something I've always thought about buying, something I've said would be awesome to own, but I've had a hard time justifying a $200 purchase on a kitchen appliance.  Now before I was given this mixer I'd never used one so I didn't really see the value in the mixer.  Now that I have one, and now that I've used it I would most definitely pay to have this appliance in my house!!

I'd been procrastinating this year to complete my Christmas baking, usually by the beginning of December I have started and I'm done by December 10th or so, this year I didn't start until December 19th.  But I also finished on December 19th thanks to my new Kitchen Aid Mixer!! Thanks Mom and Dad In law!!!!

I went crazy that day baking, I made two batches of Bread, and three different types of cookies!! It was a good day to be in my house!!

I made Thumbprint cookies, Oatmeal chocolate Peanut butter chip cookies, and Peanut Blossom Cookies.  They are all so yummy!! And so easy to make with the mixer!! I usually spend so long mixing and blending my doughs that after a batch of cookies I'm exhausted, especially if I do it at the same time as when I make bread!!

Oh my bread was delicious!!! I still have some in the freezer!!  The mixer wasn't big enough to mix my dough recipe but now I am willing to try some new smaller bread recipes because I've got a dough hook!! It's amazing!!


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