Wouldn't you know it!!

I complained in a previous post how I find it very difficult to get up and work out in the morning.. and what happens???  I wake up extra early and could have worked out but I decided not to.

I did however get a workout in and feel great. It was after work and I finished the workout I had done the day prior adding more reps and man do I feel it!

I love feeling sore like this though and I know it is all worth it in the end.

Last week here is my workout break down and my weight difference:

Weight Difference: down .5 lbs

Workouts: Sunday 46 minutes of Aerobics and Yoga, Monday 25 minutes of Aerobics and 9000 steps, Tuesday 40 minutes of swimmng, Wednesday biking and the exercise park circuits (45 minutes), Thursday rest day but I did 7101 steps, Friday went for a walk for 40 minutes, Saturday played soccer with the boys for 20 mins.


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