Where oh Where has she gone

I know I'm not consistent, it's what kills my blog.

I know I need to be more consistent with sitting down to read, but my bed is so comfortable.  Like so utterly comfortable that to not be in it after work is really difficult. And then once I get into bed it would take a crowbar to get me out.

I'm taking April by storm.

I am going to really focus on myself and building a schedule that gives time to my kids and time to my own interests.

That's my trouble is that I give way more of my time to my kids and to just finding excuses to not do things than I do to doing those things I know make me feel good.  So here we go.  30 days of healthy eating, 30 days of exercising, and 30 days of writing.  Even if it's just an update on the exercise routine I did that day.


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