DNA Heritage test kits

I've been thinking of doing this for a long time, and I am curious to find out which test is the best one. I'd really like to learn about my heritage, but I'd also like to learn about my genetic disposition, I think it would be so neat to learn those things.

I've had family members who have done these tests and there results have been interesting.  According to my Aunt's test we are 8% African American (my cousin and aunt both got similar results) so it would be interesting to find out more about my mom's side of the family and see what distant family trees pop up.

I know a lot about my genetics from my mom's family but I don't have a lot from my dad's but I definitely have questions.  My paternal grandfather passed away when my dad was young and we don't know his brothers family because there was some kind of feud.  But what did he pass away from? Was it a genetic predisposition? My father passed away at 63 he had some pre existing health concerns, but were his genetics at play?

So I think I am going to order one and maybe I will order one for Chandler and Leigham as well, and Adrian if he wants one.  Then in a few years we can get one for Theodore, but now to decide which one is the best one for us.

Have you ever done a DNA test to find out your ancestry and stuff?


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