Riverdale Episode 4

I LOVED that this episode revolved around the Drive In.  A nostalgic relic from the past that I still think most families enjoy partaking in.

Jughead is the main character of this story along with the South Side Serpents, and Archie and Miss Grundy.  Let's start with the south side Serpents.

The South Side Serpents are a biker gang in Riverdale.  The generally take over territory in the south area but they have been hanging out at the Drive In a lot. We find out the Hermoine Lodge has dealings with the Serpents for her husband, and that she has also given a bag of cash to the Mayor for her help in purchasing the Drive In property.  The South Side Serpents are hanging around the Drive In at the behest of Hiram Lodge to bring the property value of the Drive In down so he can purchase the land for a business deal.  It has worked and Lodge Industries or a private LLC that he owns is now the owner of the Drive In.  It is set to be demolished the next day and Juggie was not able to convince anyone otherwise.

Kevin Keller and his dad discuss his love life and how he is the only nice gay boy at Riverdale High School.  Kevin goes to the Drive In with Veronica,  but then he meets up with a boy and they have an intense make out session.  What's going to happen for these two, well who knows, Kevin's dad is the sheriff and the other boy is a member of the South Side Serpents....

As for Archie and Miss Grundy, well Betty put two and two together from the last episode that Archie was at SweetWater the same day as Miss Grundy and was likely with her. While Juggie is lamenting about the demise of the drive-in, Archie comes into Pops with his Dad and Miss Grundy so Betty asks to speak to him outside.  She confronts Archie who doesn't deny that he is in a relationship with Miss Grundy.  This sets Betty out to do some research, and we discover that the real Miss Grundy is an old lady who used to live in Riverdale but who has now passed away.

Who is this imposter?? Turns out her name is Jennifer Gibson and she has a gun in her car.  Betty and Veronica break into Miss Grundy's car then tell Archie what they found.  Archie then asks Miss Grundy about her past and she admits that she is using an assumed identity because she was in a abusive relationship and she is trying to stay away from him.  Betty records all she knows in her diary (Why she doesn't have a locked diary with her mother I have no idea?)

Enter Alice Cooper, and man this woman is just a bitch.  She finds Betty with Archie and Veronica and makes her leave.  Betty fights with her mom and tells her she isn't Polly and that Alice has to stop treating her this way.  Alice, suspecting something is up, snoops through Betty's room, finds Miss Grundy's gun and Betty's diary that outlines all that is going on with the kids.  Alice confronts Betty, tracks down Fred Andrews at the Drive In,  and they all go to find Miss Grundy.

Miss Grundy and Archie are at the school, about to embrace when the classroom door burst open and in struts self-righteous Alice Cooper, followed closely behind by confused Fred and ashamed Betty. The whole sordid affair comes out and Alice threatens Archie and Miss Grundy.  Betty finally steps up and tells Alice to stop otherwise she will tell everyone she made it all up and then everyone will think she finally lost it too, and that Crazy does run in the Cooper family.  Alice backs down after Miss Grundy agrees to tenure her resignation and leave town.  Archie is upset but Miss Grundy agrees and leaves the room.

Miss Grundy, I get the feeling that she is actually  a predator.  She looks all innocent and sweet, but she approached Archie that summer day slowing her car down as he was walking by, and dropping her heart shaped glasses to make eye contact.  And she does it again to another guy as she is leaving town, so was she in love with Archie as she claimed or was she taking advantage of him??

Now onto Juggie, who I love!! He is so passionate about the Drive In because this is where he works.  He tries to ask Fred Andrews not to demolish the drive in, but Fred says he can't put it off, it's work, to which Juggie replies, well you already put one Jones out of work and now you will put another.  WHAT?? Apparently, Fred Andrews is the reason Forsyth P Jones II is not working, but we haven't even met Juggie's parents.  Juggie does bring up his sister but we haven't met her yet either.

Juggie plays the final show at the Drive In, and the episodes ends with Juggie clean up the projector room.  What we see is that a cot is set up with a hot plate and Juggie has a picture of him and Jellybean on the wall.  Seems that Juggie may have been living there for sometime.  When Juggie leaves the projector building her spray paints Jughead was Here on the wall.  The South Side Serpent, that took the money for Hermoine Lodge approaches Juggie, they have a short talk, and it is confirmed by the South Side Serpent that Juggie has been living there.  Juggie tells the South Side Serpent he's not sure where he will live now but that he will figure it out, he always does and then calls him Dad.  DAD!?!?!?! This gang member is Juggie's father, this is so out of character, but so is Juggie being homeless.

What's in store for us in episode 5?


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