My first Lip dub

So I am new to being a Leadership Advisor at my school, and it's been an interesting experience. We've definitely had some rocky roads along the way but all in all it's a growing experience and I think next year it's going to be even better, but I will never forget the lessons I have learned.

The most recent lesson I have learned is that things that look easy and that people say are easy aren't actually that easy.

You look at lipdub videos online, here are a few that are really good.

They look simple, and in reality shooting them is probably the easiest part, because its a single take video, there's no editing and splicing and stuff, so once the video is taken all you have to do is put the sound on it and it's a go, what you don't see though, that's where it gets choppy.

Organizing a big group of at least a hundred people is problematic.  We had a leadership class that was about half of this number so you think each person brings one or two, should be no problem, yeah it doesn't work that way.  Seriously, and getting other groups to want to participate to commit to being apart of everything that is a lot of background work, and I would say you need to confirm the date at least 6 weeks in advance.

Practicing and finding time to practice something like this is another hurdle.  We had a few key players that were well versed in our route, but everyone else walked through it only today, so that was difficult.  Keeping key players in all areas where they were needed but then also getting them into areas where we could showcase them, that was something I wish I had mapped out better so that it didn't seem so disorganized.

Getting the music chosen and played through the school for the video was another hurdle we had to get past.  Finding away to put the music over the intercom would have been best or having been organized with a bluetooth speaker that could  have been attached to the camera people even better.  We made due with our blue tooth speaker and a person to carry it, but again something more set up would have been better.

Getting the word out there about the Lipdub more than was done would have been even better.  That was a definite failing in the Leadership class to get more of the school involved, being more insistent that this was an event of all events that people would regret not being apart of.  Definitely working our PR angle more is going to be a big undertaking in future Leadership events.

All in all I am happy to have done it and I have a HUGE idea for our next Lipdub if we do one!!


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