Western Development Museum: Saskatoon

Last time we were in Saskatoon I took the boys to the Western Development Museum.  I hadn't been to the Western Development Museum since I can't even remember if I've gone since I became an adult.  So the boys and I head off to see Boomtown.
There are so many fun little things to see, Leigham had been here about a year ago so he remembered a lot of what we saw.  Theodore had been too, but he still enjoyed walking through all the exhibits.  I explained what I could and we listened to the different sound clips.  I think the boys favourite was the North West Royal Mounted Police room.  We listened to all the sound clips there.

 Leigham liked to show off his muscles and how strong he was, he figured he could work in the stable or blacksmith shop.
 We really liked the train too, it was huge! I mean it's probably regular size but it seems huge.  They also have model trains and the boys loved those, Theodore didn't want to leave we had to haul him away while he had a tantrum.
The other two exhibits we saw were the Quantum Exhibit and Game Changers exhibit.  These aren't always there but the kids really enjoyed them and I got to play some of the classic video games it was a lot of fun.  

I loved going there and I didn't know that if you buy a pass for one day it's good for two, which is kind of neat, because then you can go back. So next time we go to Saskatoon we will make another stop here.


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