Riverdale Episode 2

I started trying to watch this series with my husband, but then it gets me way behind on my blogging so I am watching it on my own then again with him.  I actually like it enough to do that.

So in episode one all the players were introduced and we found out that many had secrets to hide.  I love a great mystery and I really want to know who the murderer is, and who is hiding more than they are letting on.

After the recap of the first lesson we come in to the narration of Jughead giving his overview at what has been happening with the residence of Riverdale.

Archie is living with a guilty conscience, he and Ms Grundy heard a shot but didn't tell anyone about it.  And really why would they have, it happened July 4th and they didn't know at that time that Jason was missing, so Archie needs to give himself a break, but he does need to give Betty some space if he wants to have a friendship with her again. Also I know that it happens that teachers fall for their students, gross gag me, but I don't buy that Geraldine Grundy as this innocent fell for her student, I get the feeling she is a bit more predatory.  I find it weird that Archie is willing to jeopardize so many of his relationships for this relationship with a woman he likes, I'd be more willing to believe it if Archie was professing his love for Grundy.

I still cannot get over how much of a Bitch Alice Cooper is!! Like I've met controlling parents, I've seen them growing up and now in how I interact with them in my life but Alice Cooper takes the cake.  She has this whole "Oh I care so much for you Betty but don't you dare be yourself with thee people!"

I also don't get why Jughead is the town pariah.  How he doesn't seem to have any friends except for his tenuous friendship with Archie, and really Archie and Jughead are supposed to be the epitome of bromance. Archie seems to be throwing away his friendships and because he threw away Jughead now no one likes him.  I like that Jughead plays that it doesn't matter because that is really true to Jughead's true character.

Cheryl Blossom is such a queen bitch, like Regina George queen bitch.  She is weird, like I am not sure why she is in classes with Archie, who is a Junior and Jason her twin was a Senior, so why isn't she a senior.  But she makes some funny comments about her lackies, or "mannequins" as she calls them.  She also has a lot to say about who possibly hurt her brother.  They seem to have this weird relationship.  I'm not a twin, and I don't know but the portrayal is that their relationship was a bit incestuous.

I am liking Ronnie and her relationship with her mother though.  I am not sure how she fits in with the usual triangle we see between Betty Archie and Veronica, but I really like Veronica.  I think she has a much nicer heart then she sometimes gets in the comics. I kind of like that Veronica is taking a mediator role, I think that is a nice role for her.

And Betty, nice girl, good girl next door, she has a crazy side.  I like to see her bring the crazy side out being assertive to not letting people walk all over her. I really wish she could stand up to her mom more than how she does.

Reggie hasn't been in the show that often, but I really like the actor that plays him.  But he is an arrogant prick, that is a true manifestation of the character from the comics. I'd really like to see more of the storyline showcase some more on Mr. Mantle, but maybe that will happen in later seasons. I really hope we are getting more seasons!!

The end of the episode ends with Cheryl being questioned by the police.  It's an interesting cliffhanger.


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