Riverdale Episode 5 Friday Five Edition!

This is what I would call the truth episode.  Many, many truths are revealed to most characters, and the truths that aren't revealed are deducted out by our mystery solvers.

The first truth that comes out is that the Blossoms believe that someone in Riverdale killed Jason. So they invite the whole town to Jason's memorial before they bury him in the cemetery on their property.  Everyone comes and you see some heated exchanges between Mr. Cooper and Mr. Blossom and some disdainful looks rom Mrs. Blossom to Mrs. Lodge.  It looks like the founding families of this town have a lot of unresolved issues.  What issues could be brewing between all these families?

The second truth is that Jason was acting very strangely before he went missing. He was disengaging from his friends, refusing to return phone calls and then he started selling all his stuff.  Anything that had value he was selling. There were rumours that he was selling drugs, but these were neither confirmed or denied.  All this strange behaviour started happening when Jason started getting involved with Polly. What was Polly wanting or what were the two of them planning that had Jason behaving so strangely?

The third truth came when a box was unceremoniously deposited in the middle of Pop's Diner while Hermoine Lodge was working alone.  When the Lodge matriarch came to check on the box a snake was inside.  Looks like the South Side Serpents were not happy with her pay off and were letting her know this. Hermoine called Fred Andrews, seems there may have been some romantic interest between the two, but what will they do because they are both still married?  Why does Mary Andrews live in New York?

The forth truth that we find is that the Coopers and Blossoms had a Blood Feud dating back to Betty's Great Grandpa.  The maple business in Riverdale seems to be a booming enterprise and the Patriarch of the Blossom family murdered Betty's great grandpa and stole the business.  This is why the Coopers were so against Polly and Jason being together.  Polly was sent away after being hurt by Jason because she tried to kill herself, so obviously there are a lot of mental health issues in Polly's world.  Do those issues extend to Betty? Is the fact that they Coopers Blood Feud motive for murder to keep Jason and Polly apart forever?

The fifth truth, and a big bomb that ties into the forth truth, is that Polly and Jason were married. No one knew except Grandma Blossom.  She mistook Betty for Polly at the memorial service and asked to see the ring.  Consoling "Polly" for losing the love of her life.  Is this a modern day take on Romeo and Juliet?  What is going on in the town of Riverdale.

There were a lot of truths revealed, but as per usual, more questions came from the truths that came forth.  So what's in store for the next episodes.  Stay tuned.

*For those of you who read my blog and don't want Riverdale sorry for the multitude of posts on Riverdale lately as I try to catch up before the season finale!*


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