Friday Five: 5 Exercise Routines I'm doing right now

I love Pinterest and if you check out my Pinterest account you will notice two things. I am not always on Pinterest but I got in waves and pin pin pin then nothing for months.  But I do have a lot of exercise routines that I use when I am working out at home.

Here are the current ones I am using at home:

1. Biking around my neighbourhood and too work. It is just over 5 kilometers to my school.  On the way there it's a slight incline then a lot of hills down into a final flat stretch.  The way home we bike up out of the river valley.. it's killer on the legs, but we've never done it before and we made it all the way without stopping and walking the bikes so I am going to call that a win

2. 12 Yoga poses to get a good stretch: I found this on pinterest and it really has no instructions so I am just going through the poses holding them for 5 deep slow breaths then repeating the sequence another time up to three times.  It's a great stretching routine and I really like that I get very relaxed afterwards.

3. Bikini Circuit from Sugar Pop: This one is killer, like my legs hurt, my arms hurt, my back hurts afterwards, but as I get through this one it's easier to do each time.  I just have to remember to turn on some music working out with the music is a little boring.

4. Ab workout: This is just a targeted workout, basic crunches, oblique crunches, frog crunches, leg lifts, v sits.  Do each 15 times then plank for as long as I can and repeat two more times.

5. Walking at work: I have a prep in the afternoon so those days I do not bike to work I am going to take some time in my prep to walk.  Right now 40 minutes gets me to the overpass at 67th street and back, so I am hoping I can pick up the pace and get further as I do this more frequently and even turn this walking into some running!


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