Riverdale Episode 3

How often do your comic book heroes come to life?  Well in this day and age almost always, and now we have this wonderful show bringing to life the characters of the Archie Comics universe.

We've found that the Jason Blossom didn't actually drown but was shot in the head. Episode three opens with Cheryl explain that Jason's disappearance was all an elaborate ruse that Jason and Cheryl concocted to allow Jason to escape his parents.  Cheryl is coming clean about Jason faking his own death and now we know that the July 4h gunshot means nothing and really has no correlation to the murder.

Betty is again at odds with her mother. As Alice is the owner and reporter on the local newspaper, she is definitely taking the murder of a teen in her town to new levels. She wants to make sure that she is on top of every story and makes all these crazy claims.  Then she calls Betty a Lois Lane type, which sends Betty to want to reboot the Blue and Gold.  The Riverdale High newspaper.  And who better than to report on the newspaper then Juggie, the resident writer who is writing a novel about what has happened at Riverdale recently.  Betty and Juggie are going to team up to find out what happened on July 4th, first stop interviewing Dilton Doiley about what he and his scouts saw that day while in the woods.

Veronica is starting to make inroads in the social circle of Riverdale High and goes on a date with Chuck Clayton.  Chuck Clayton is a big deal in Riverdale, one of the top football players and the coaches son.  Veronica thinks it's a good thing, but soon learns that she is just another notch in Chuck's headboard.  He sends out a photo to all of the Riverdale high students that shows Veronica with a maple syrup stain on her head, a sticky maple.  An updated slut shaming trend that sends Veronica into full Bitch mode.  Betty wants to take it to the principal but Veronica is going to make sure that Chuck pays for what he did.  When he doesn't respond to her first demand, Veronica is forced to push things to the next level.

Jughead talks with Dilton about July 4th, Dilton at first dnies anything, but Jughead notices one of Dilton's scouts looking nervous.  Jughead follows up with that scout to find out the Dilton had fired the gun.  Looks like Dilton might have more to hide.  Dilton does come clean but also tells Jughead and Betty that he saw Ms Grundy down at the River that day as well. Uhoh looks like Ms. Grundy won't be able to hide her relationship for much longer.

Archie is struggling with Ms. Grundy and she cancels his music lessons.  So after Archie helps out Cheryl by telling the police that he heard the gunshot too.  Archie then asks Cheryl to help him by seeing if her friend Josie would help him out with his music.  Archie then goes to a Jam session with the Pussycats and helps them with their song.  It ends up being played at The Taste of Riverdale, Archie sneaks out to see them play and notices his dad speaking with Ms. Grundy.  In the end, Mr. Andrews builds Archie a place for him to practice his music in the garage and supports his sons desire to pursue music.

Betty teams up with Veronica and the rest of the slighted girls of Riverdale High to take down the Football team whom keeps a book of conquests.  Again we see crazy Betty, they set up a ruse to get the Football team to admit their slut shaming, and to get justice for the girls that were taken advantage.  Betty gets Chuck to agree to a date at Ethel's house, Veronica is there as well.  They end up trapping Chuck in the hot tub and grill him until he admits that he made it all up.  Betty gives Chuck his own Sticky Maple but calls him Jason and wants him to apologize to Polly for what they did.


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