Riverdale Episode 6

What are you afraid of? Failing in front of people, being too much for other, hurting others, the dark?? Well this episode of Riverdale's theme is around Fear and how it is important to face your fears.

Jughead and Betty are getting closer this episode.  Jughead comes over for breakfast and aids Betty in spying on her mom and dad.  The spying pays off and Jughead and Betty discover where Polly is, so they head off to find her and find out what's happening.  Polly is in a home for disenfranchised youth and when Betty finds her, we discover that Polly is pregnant with Jason's baby.  Polly tells Betty about her and Jason's plan to run away to have the baby together and that is when Betty realizes that Polly didn't know about Jason's murder.  Betty's mom shows up and is very unimpressed with Betty being here, but Polly is absolutely distraught that Jason is dead.  In the end Polly goes missing and everyone starts to wonder if maybe Polly was the one who killed Jason.

After coming home, Betty confronts her dad about the possibility that he killed Jason Blossom.  Alice Cooper thinks this is the funniest thing since sliced bread.  Alice then accuses Betty of being crazy, seems this family has a go to that shaming people into thinking they are crazy is a way to control them.  Betty doesn't let up and with Jughead's help they discover that Polly was telling the truth, they find Jason's car where Polly said it would be, loaded with Jason's things and drugs!! What was Jason into?

Archie is trying out for the Variety Show, but he develops a case of stage fright where all his Football Buddies jeer him and turn into wolves.  Then Archie gives into his fears and doesn't try out.  Thankfully, he has some great friends who believe in him and go to bat for him getting him a spot in the Variety Show.  Veronica even agrees to sing with Archie to help him overcome his stage fright. Valerie agrees to sing with Archie, but in the end neither girl sings with Archie and Archie faces his fears and sings alone. He does an amazing job!

There are troubles in the PussyCat's world and Valerie ends up quitting the band.  Valerie and Josie have a fight about creative differences and doing things outside the Pussycat's.  Valerie wants more time, but Josie is afraid because Valerie is the song writer of the Pussycat's.  Josie's mom, turns out she is very demanding that Josie do things the way she wants more than the way Josie may want to keep her brand recognition. Josie is stressing out about her dad showing up at the Variety Show, she really wants to impress him with her talents, but it seems that Josie's dad is less than impressed with Josie's brand. Valerie re-joins the Pussycats the night of the talent show, but their song does little to impress Josie's dad.  Josie is devastated, but she has her band back.

Veronica has to deal with two betrayals, her mom and Fred Andrews starting a relationship, and Archie replacing her with Valerie after Valerie quit the Pussycats and decided to sing with Archie.  Veronica then becomes the new Pussycat and the girl can actually sing, her dancing feels a little hesitant.  Veronica's mom needs help to award the contract of the land development to Fred Andrews, but Veronica refuses. This does nothing to stop Hermoine Lodge as she forges her daughter's signature and the contract goes to Fred Andrews.

The biggest development that happens is the burgeoning friendship between Jughead and Betty grows into something more, something new and something that I totally love!! Jughead kissed Betty and Betty responds!! There is a new romance in town!!

Oh on a side note, the show ends with a cut to Jughead's father's, FP, closet showing Jason's jacket hanging there!!!


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