Drowning Lessons

I am a firm believer that everyone should know how to swim so I make my boys take swimming lessons.

Chandler was a bit of fish and he did so well growing up.  At one point I thought he might be a life guard but then we got behind on lessons and that never happened.  He did finish up to level 10 just didn't got for his Bronze Cross and stuff. I don't worry about him and water.

Leigham and Teddy, though, well that's a different story.  I take them swimming and Teddy loves the water, Leigham was more like my brother and would wear a life jacket to play on the beach in case someone splashed him.

So for three years Leigham has been in swimming lessons and he's finally coming along, he's still scared to put his face in sometime but since he's had goggles he's improved immensely.  He struggles with his back float and back glide, my brother did too, and if you ask my brother it's because they are too dense with muscle mass.  Leigham is now taking Level 2 for the third time and I am considering doing private lessons, but they are just so expensive.

Now Teddy who LOVES the water, and has always loved the water, at lessons was this whole other child. If you were to see him at his lessons there is a period of time where he behaves as if I am trying to drown him.  He claws at my bathing suit, screams in my deaf ear, and carries on and on.  It's almost embarrassing, then all of sudden we do an activity he likes and Mr. Fish appears.  I just don't get it!

We finished our first set of lessons and now Teddy will take un-parented lessons. I'm going to pay to swim while he is in lessons just in case he throws up a fuss, and if he doesn't then I at least get a chance to do some swimming workouts.  I know once they get it, once it clicks everything will be fine, and once Leigham learns he can go swimming with his friends at 8 or 9 without me having to hover I am sure he will take off like a rocket.  For now we just keep swimming, just keep swimming.


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