Five Pop Culture Phenomenons I just don't get

The other day on EW Morning Live they were talking about things in Pop Culture that everyone loves but you just don't get.  I heard some weird comments, but some I was like ok yeah I get it, so I thought I would dedicate this Friday Five to the Five Pop Culture Phenomenons I just don't get.

1. You know those movies about fighting in Space with different planets and stuff, Yeah Star Wars, not episode 4, 5 or 6 but 1, 2, 3, 7, 8..... yeah those extra ones we've been making I just don't get it.  Here's the truth, I love the original Star Wars shows, episodes 4, 5 and 6 are amazing.  I love how when you watch all three you can see the story, the happiness of part four, juxtaposed to the darkness and bleak future in the fifth to the feeling of hope in the sixth.  Plus the 6th has the Ewoks, have there ever been a cuter race of beings??  I am particularly fond of the Ewoks, but these other Star Wars movies that have come out, I saw episode 1 and I just don't get it.  Not one little bit of it, I think it's all second rate versions of amazing classics.

2. Speaking of movies the other movies I am not really picking up what is being put down, Superhero movies.  I don't know why we have 4000 Spiderman movies, and a billion Batman movies and innumerable other franchises with Superheroes.  I don't get it it's not my thing, and even the ones people are like "omg you are going to love this movie because of xyz," generally I end up hating that movie for those same reasons.  So if we could just stop with the superhero movies, I'd be ok with that, or at least not flooding the market with them.

3. Moving on from movies, let's talk about music.  I'm going to just put this as one post, but there are a few aspects of music that I just don't get, rapping in country music, rapper disputes, Rhianna.  Yup don't get them, I can't say I never cared for rap music, I mean I own all the Eminem CDs, and I love me some Tupac, Biggie, but this stuff that's coming out now the gangster rap, I'm like what.  And Rhianna, she's useless, I just have nothing that I like about her.

4. Television is a big part of my life and I generally enjoy all parts of television.  But two shows I can absolutely not watch, you can't pay me to watch them, and now they seem to be franchises, are the Real Housewives of (insert city of your choice) and anything related to the Kardashians.  I would rather watch the stock market channel, or the channel screen that used to be the bars of colour when the network was off the air, then subject myself to either one of these shows.  I am even willing to sit through the Bachelor and Bachelorette as long as whomever is with me is ok with me commentating how stupid those people are, but I will not watch those other things, I just don't get what the draw is.

5. Ok I left my most controversial for last, because I can imagine the flack I would get about this one.  I have never watched it and I will never watch it because it has zombies in it. I know zombies are the big thing now and like Vampires were in the early 2000s now we have zombies.  Vampires were at least made to be romantic, I can't see anything romantic about zombies.  I've literally only watched one zombie type movie, Warm Bodies, and I only watched it because in the preview it showed the infected zombies gain back their humanity.  So the big thing in Pop Culture that I just don't get is The Walking Dead, sorry Dalton Ross, but I just don't get it.  I know everything that has happened in that show thanks to Dalton's recaps and interviews with the stars, but never once have I ever even considered turning it on and catching an episode.  Can't do, won't do, sorry not sorry.

So do you have any Pop Culture things that you don't get it??


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