State of the Next Generation.

I fear for the state of the next generation.  I am very worried about whether or not they will be able to function in a society that does not embrace change and has rewarded just showing up their entire lives least their egos be hurt.

I didn't raise my oldest son that way and I don't plan to raise my younger sons that way.  Where I have maybe neglected my children is in their ability to navigate through different aspects of grown up life.  Things like bill paying, getting loans, building credit, negotiating deals for items such as cars and houses.  I am seeing now that my oldest doesn't know anything about these things and is learning them by being thrown into the fire at 18.

Here's the problem though, he was unable to learn any of these things prior to being 18.  You can't get loans or credit before you are 18 but by then you need it to function in society.  Do you know that to buy a cell phone you need credit?  Do you know that most of society needs a cell phone now because most people no longer have home phones?

So how does an 18 year old develop credit or get any kind of understanding about it, if they haven't been able to get credit before.  It falls on the parents but credit is a really abstract concept and even if a child understands about it they can't build it until they are 18.

And negotiating deals, is something you learn as you go but you want to give your kids the best advantage and yet you don't want to spend their lives negotiating with them about bed time, or earning different rewards.

I also don't know that it needs to be taught in school, but it's almost like there should be a LIFE course and all students who are in grade 12 should need to take it, it should be after school for one semester or they could take it as an online course. But it should be focused on things that they need to know, like sales people want your sale and the first thing they offer you will not be the last thing they offer you.  Or that credit takes awhile to build but will collapse quickly with poor repayment.  And throw in there how to change a tire, change your oil, change the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Why writing a will is important?

I get that they have a CALM course in Alberta but I don't know that it focuses on what is really needed. I had a resume built and a job by the time I was the age at which I was suppose to take the CALM course so focusing on resumes and cover letters seems to be redundant but an easy task.  Or maybe the CALM course should be altered so that the kids pick their five modules based on what they feel they need to survive LIFE OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL and do projects to support those learnings.  I don't teach calm but I'd love to  if I would be given freedoms to help people get a real reality check to life.

In life there are due dates, in life there are consequences and it's time we start really teaching the next generation about reality!


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