Breast Reduction Surgery

I finally had it done, I got Breast reduction surgery!!! The pictures contained in this blog are for before and after comparisons of a medical procedure.

I'm beyond happy about it and feel absolutely amazing, now that the surgery is a week behind me.

It was a long road, but it was so well worth it.  If you live in Canada, and have back problems because your breasts are abnormally large for your shape, then I fully recommend taking advantage of the government supported surgery.

I was an H-I cup with a 36 band prior to the surgery. Yes my cup sized spelt HI! I had such pain in my back from these humongous watermelons I carried around.  It was stupid, but it got to the point where I'd only notice the pain at certain times or when I had a massage.  I can't tell you how many massage therapist asked if I was stressed out. Nope honestly I just have big boobs.

 These are some before shots of my chest, this was the morning or evening before surgery.  I love that bra from The Bra Lounge!!! I hope they have one similar in my new size!!

These are the after shots.  Excuse the mess you can now see beyond my chest!! The bra I have on currently is one I had after I had Lil Man and it's a D Cup.  So I have gone down 4-5 cup sizes.  And they took off 1.2 kg during the surgery.

Now a little about the surgery.  If you are on the control freak spectrum like I am, then make sure you ask questions. I was pretty relaxed even though I was being put under, but when I woke up my throat was sore.  Apparently, they inserted a breathing tube (I'm told this is normal) but because I wasn't expecting it all the bad things that can happen during surgery (Come on I watch Grey's Anatomy) flooded my cloudy thoughts and I started crying and I couldn't stop.  Eventually they brought in someone else from surgery and he had breathing tube in as well so that was ironically comforting.

Post surgery I have been doing well. I slept most of the second day, I was so tired, but because I was sore I couldn't get into a nice deep sleep.  But now I am doing well and almost feel back to normal. Then I will go and do something and be reminded completely that I am NOT back to normal.  I booked the surgery so I would have the holidays from work to help with my recovery and I am not sad about this.  I have been able to participate in all my families activities and I won't miss any work because of it!

I now realize how much strain my back was under because of those huge breasts, because now that it is gone I notice that it is missing, where I was so used to the pain that I had learned to live with it.  The other nice thing is the breasts are back where they should be, they aren't hanging real low!!

If you are considering this I would be happy to share more with you if you require more info!!


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