Friday Five: National Parks I'll visit this year!

This year is Canada's 150th Birthday! So Parks Canada is allowing free access into all the National Parks.  This is a great time for you to explore the parks in your area and maybe find that one place you and your family really want to go to again and again! So here are five of the parks I am planning to visit this year!
Banff National Park: This is a quick journey from my house in relation to National Parks.  It's probably the second closest at a short 2 and half hour drive.  I always go visit the townsite in Banff but this year I'd like to go visit some of the other areas and maybe do some of the easier hikes with the boys.

 Elk Island National Park: I have never been to this one, but I have passed it countless times when I used to drive to Edmonton.  It has or is close to a Ukrainian Village that I think would be really cool to take the kids too, this is definitely one of my summer destinations.

Jasper National Park: This one is a bit of drive, 4 and half hours from my place, but it is so pretty and right in the mountains.  It reminds me of Lake Tahoe so I am very excited to take my kids to visit this place. This is actually our first visit this year because to see it in the winter is just so pretty!!

 Pacific Rim National Park: I love the ocean so being able to go to a National Park on the ocean would be such a fun experience.  None of my family has ever been so this will definitely be a family trip, and maybe I can line it up before or just after the Seawheeze, I'm still hoping I will get a bib!!
 Prince Albert National Park: I have not been here since I was a teenager but it was very pretty and I think it would be fun to go back.  We go to the Prince Albert Area enough to visit so it wouldn't be hard to jaunt up there for a day while we were in the area visiting! I know there is so much to do and we won't fit it in in one day but that's the beauty of these passes they are good all year, we can make multiple visits if we'd like!


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