Lessons for The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

I've been reading this book for a year.  It's not a bad book, but I just kept putting it down and reading other things, but I made it my resolution to read this book this month, or to finish it.  This is also a book I treat like my University books, making notes as I read so that I can remember what I've read.

So here are my top ten take aways from this book.

10) Meditation or focused reflection each day is going to help you create the vision that you want for you life.  By continually thinking on this vision each day it will start to come into reality.

      I've started meditating before bed each night, I find it's a very relaxing activity and helps me to sleep better. I have crazy dreams now, but I'm not bothered by them. I would like to start doing this in the morning but it means getting up earlier, so that will be a work in progress for sure.

9) Live in the Now, but don't stop dreaming, purposeful dreams that will help you create the life you were meant to live.

   I've been reading a lot of books about living in the NOW. And it makes sense, you can't change the past that has already happened and even if you don't like it, you can't change it you can only learn and grow from it.  And the future, it's going to happen all you can do is live in the present moment and make it the best one it can be.

8) Give yourself to others, do things for others to help them accomplish their goals, this will increase the quality of your life.

   I use to want to be famous, a famous actress or model or author even, I thought that would give my life purpose and I'd leave this world known by millions.  Since I've grown and matured I've come to realize I don't want the famous life of celebrity, I think there may be more pains then gains in that life style.  But I do want to make a difference in this world, some how I want to be connected to something that made the world a better place, even if that is only for the people in my small city or the people in my social circle.  But in some way I want to do things for others so that I make their life better.

7) Be Time Consciences, 80 percent of what you accomplish is done with 20 percent of your actions. Say no when you need to, do not be at everyone's beck and call. Time is truly the only non-renewable resource.

   This was something I had to pause on, I mean what am I doing 80 percent of the time that is accomplishing nothing, (cough cough social media) and how can I better leverage my time to be more effective. I also liked the idea of saying no, but in the way that you can turn off your phone, and not answer just because it rings. I liked the idea of giving your full attention to your priorities and getting to everything else when you have time to address it.

6)Will Power inspires you to do what is right in any given moment.  You can build your will power by doing little things, things you don't like to do, keeping silent except to answer direct questions for an extended period of time.  Small victories lead to bigger victories it is up to you to create those victories.

   This makes sense, there is no point in trying to do the big thing if you can't control the little things.  For me it's living a healthy lifestyle and eating better.  Well this will never come to fruition unless I can get control over my emotional and boredom snacking. So I've been working very hard to find my triggers and retrain myself with those triggers. Instead of eating when I am upset, I write (killing two birds with one stone here) I focus my attention on something else so that I don't just dig into the chips.

5) Face your Fears to help you live a fearless life  Be the Leader of your own life. 

  There are so many things I could be afraid of, public speaking, rejection of my writing, mocking of my insecurities, all of these things cause me fear, but if I try to do them I may find success and the more I do them the more comfortable I will be.

4) Create a dream book that has four sections. One section for physical health, one section for financial goals, one section for personal empowerment, and one section for spiritual goals.  

   I am intrigued by this one, I think this is something I am going to try, and really write out my vision for each goal on those pages and review them until they become reality.  I believe in writing my goals down, I believe in vision boards, and I think this is just another step in that direction. I even have a book that has "my favourite dream is you" on the cover.  Could that be any more perfect??

3) A habit is formed after doing it for 21 days straight

   I am totally on board with this one.  And I work hard to install new habits in my life that are beneficial, meditating at night, writing in my bullet journal, all of these things will form a habit if done consistently.  I know it's true, I've been tracking my food for 50 days now and now it's just part of what I do at a meal I don't even really think about it.

2) Enthusiasm is the key for success, happiness will com from steadily working towards achieving your goals and moving in the direction of your life's purpose.

   This makes all kinds of sense in that "OmG I just got hit in the face with a door I saw coming" kind of way.  Obviously if you are enthusiastic about something you are putting a lot of energy into that item to make it what you want it to be.  And when you are working enthusiastically towards that goal and as you are getting closer and closer your feel accomplished and feeling like you have done something always brings about happiness (unless it was something mean that you did intentionally or on accident, but then just apologize and move on).

1) Find what you Truly Love to do and Direct all your energy towards doing it.

   And this is a total, "well no shit" but the hard part on this is finding what you truly love.  That is the greatest challenge, but once you find that thing that you love you should never back away from it, you should pour your whole self into what you love and own the shit out of it.  It doesn't matter if this is teaching, direct sales, car sales or waitressing.  If you love what you do and you feel happy and accomplished then you do it, because that is what matters, being happy is what matters.

Have you read any great personal development books? What books are they?


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