Welcome Mr. President Trump

I don't often do political posts.  For me politics is a private matter and one I don't usually care to discuss because it's not a "thing" for others to judge me on.  I have my perspective and you have yours but even if our perspectives don't match doesn't mean we are lesser human beings. With that being said here are some of my thoughts, and observations on the new President of the United States.

Mr. Trump during his campaign and his life has made some very questionable comments.  His comments about being able to "grab her pussy" indicates that he thinks because of his richness and celebratory he is allowed to treat women as second class citizens or objects.  Something women have fought against forever and just when it felt like we were pulling away from that this is brought to light.  Yes it happened 12 years ago, but Trumps brain was not that of a 17 year old at the time, he was fully matured adult with adult children and locker room talk shouldn't be condoned if it disparages against one sex or another.  This indicates that mistreatment and sexual assault against women is ok if you are of a certain status, which it absolutely is not.

Mr. Trump has said he would send all the immigrants back, would build a wall at the Mexico border, so my question is this, Will he send Melania back? Blaming a group of people on a problem, is a huge problem because it's painting all people with the same brush.  I am a caucasian female, but just because I am European decent I don't want people to start believing that I am a member of the KKK, that's just dumb.  All people make their own decisions and there is not one immigrant group in America (or Canada) that hasn't helped improve the nation in some way and they do not deserve to be disrespected. Blaming others for your lot in life isn't fair, big businesses closed up shop in America because it didn't help their bottom line and they could get cheaper labour in other countries, the government may have introduced taxes that started that process but at the end of the day it was the company who made the final decision to leave the country and find else where to set up their factories. Those companies blamed the government for making them make that decision but at the end of the day they could have taken a cut to their bottom line and added it back into the company and stayed in America.

I have an education, I have a degree that I paid good money for and I feel I am qualified to work in a number of human services fields because of that degree.  But if the economy took a downturn and I were to lose my job, I'd be at the Mcdonald's or Starbucks applying for a job because I am not above working anywhere if it will feed my family.  This isn't the popular opinion from my observations.  Many North Americans believe that they are above sweeping floors, changing bedpans, hauling garbage or the like because they went to school.  Well then the immigrants come in and want to work and are willing to do whatever and guess what they get the job.  Not because they are immigrants but because they are willing to take any job and they work hard.  Hard working is not a characteristic I can put to all North Americans, many still are and they are out there applying for jobs, working jobs and it is those North Americans I hope the governments in Canada and the States maybe focus on helping a little more. It's time to stop feeling so entitled to our many freedoms (education, healthcare, freedom of speech) and stop treating them as if they are something else.  We are free to work, but we need to work the jobs that are available and you need to work them for the going rate, not some inflated amount you think you deserve simply because you showed up.  We are free to share our thoughts in speech and press but it shouldn't be at the expense or detriment of someone else, do unto others as you'd have done to you. We are free to receive an education but if you don't put in the work to learn what is being presented that falls on you not the educators, we are cells but we do not learn by osmosis.  Health care should be free and all Americans should have access, it should be affordable and not onerous, so yes Obamacare had some issues but don't scrap it, fix it, alter it make it something that is beneficial.

Mr. Trump entered into the political realm for his own reasons. I don't know if it was to prove his statements correct about Republican Voters ( I sincerely hope not),  I don't know if it is because he does want to build America up again, I don't know if he did on a bet from one of his locker room buddies.  I was not there when he made the decision.  But he did and now he is in one of the most important roles in the world. He knew going in that he would be under a microscope, he used the same microscope to dissect Obama and now he is at their scrutiny.  Every move he makes America will be watching and passing judgement, right, wrong or indifferent, this is what has happened and what he signed up for.  I hope he has the strength to withstand and to maybe listen to those dissenters,  if he doesn't his term may be a one and done.

Right now it is the States of America, they aren't united and that is Trumps number one job.  He may accomplish this through different avenues but to Unite the States and the population that should be his number one priority moving forward.

My only hope is that he will start paying attention to the calls of people who did not vote for him through their rallies and protest and maybe think long and hard before he makes generalizations about other groups and works to unite a country that in essence he is working for.  The country is not working for him, he has been appointed by the people and it may be the minority in population he is still the president, but he needs to start acting like one. Stop focusing on satirical comedies that are poking fun of you! Embrace the comedy or better yet focus on your job, you aren't a tv critic (anymore). Start making decisions that don't just better the world for you and your fellow billionaires but for the world in general.  Don't take away people's rights to marry, keep church and state separate!


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