Dream Boards

To do a Dream Board or not to do a Dream Board.

When I first heard of dream boards I was like ok, yeah whatever like looking at a picture is going to make something come true.  Then four years ago I made my first dream board, it was a last ditch resort really.  I mean at the end of the day the only thing I would lose would be the two hours it took me to cut and paste the pictures onto the dream board. It's not like I'd lose faith in Oprah's big idea I didn't have any to begin with.

I sat down and made that dream board, I put on the dream board ridiculous things, things I would never really expect to be able to get knowing my financial situation.  Things like a trip to Moose Jaw to see the Fifth Avenue Collection headquarters (I was selling Fifth Avenue at the time), a trip to Disneyland, paying off credit cards, buying a new car, a Ford Focus Titanium, going to Vegas.  It was pretty and set it up by my computer desk where I looked at it daily.

I would scoff and roll my eyes thinking it wasn't working.  Then things started happening. My sister got married in Vegas so we went to Vegas, my car got hit in a hit and run and I had to get a new vehicle, so I got a Ford Focus Titanium, it was the 25th anniversary for Fifth Avenue Collection so seminar was in Moose Jaw, I was able to pay off and cancel two credit cards and then I got pregnant (which was not on the dream board) but that made us put aside our Disneyland trip. So there it was my Dream board came into reality.

I am now a firm believer in Dream Boards. If you picture it in your mind it will later come true in your life and a Dream Board just helps you focus those thoughts.

This year my Dream Board is set to creating financial stability in my family as well as allowing my family to explore some of Canada's National Parks!! My Dream Board is now done with magnets so that it can be fluid.  I can add things as they come up and I can take them off when they are realized. I am beyond excited about it because my kids can be part of adding to the Dream Board as well so we can realize our family dreams together.

So if you don't Dream Board I really suggest you do!! It's amazing how things will come together and off of a sudden your little Dream Board is no longer a Dream but your reality!!


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