Classroom Life Skills

When I am working with my kids I am always trying to ensure that their needs are put first.  The skills and learning my students need are very different to the other students in my class but also different from the general population.  So even if I am teaching a lesson on hygiene for a Job Interview, I am teaching a separate lesson to each student because they are all at different levels.

This past week we've been working with hygiene skills.  Now if you ever spend any time around children and teenagers you will know that hygiene skills are not second nature, in fact for some they plain just don't know about them.  I've worked with students who wouldn't know what deodorant was if it came up and bit them, I've also worked with students who think Axe spray will mask all bad smells. These are two sides of the same coin, they are terribly assaulting to anyone around them.  And this has happened in every school, in every grade and every program I have worked in. If students aren't taught hygiene skills they just don't know.

So we started our lessons talking about the big and important Job Interview.  We discussed the importance of a first impression and how even though we shouldn't judge people by their appearance in a job interview this is common place.  So in order for a person to get a good job, they must demonstrate that they are fluent in hygiene skills.

It's been some fun lessons.  I work with some students that really benefit from having things in a check list with pictures so we've been doing picture checklists.  It's so fun to see their thinking and processing skills as well.  Sometimes I am dying with laughter because they come up with the craziest things.

We brainstormed all our areas of hygiene, from bathing regularly to changing socks regularly.  One student researched pedicures, another put together information of scent awareness.  We discussed the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant.  I have one student writing a comic strip on good hygiene and showering.

Teaching Life Skills is one of my favourite parts of the job!!


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