Monday Update: Goal Busting!!

I feel like I do these posts more for me than for anyone reading, seems like a bit of a selfish statement to make but in reality I go back and read my blogs from time to time and reflect on where I have been.  And that means more to me than getting readers or likes or whatever Social media says we need to get by sharing. Sorry not sorry.

I guess in that way that is my intrinsic motivation and if my sharing helps people make changes than that's awesome but I like to keep me on track and by updating these blogs then I am focusing on my goals and working to make them happen.

Monday Updates:

I have been on a weight loss journey off and on for at least 6 year.  I have always fluctuated comfortably around the 190 mark.  Since my last child I have been up around the 220 mark, but I knew that was neither healthy nor a number I wanted for myself (especially since it didn't have to be).   Since my youngest was born almost three years ago I have been on a steady decline with times of plateaus.  Those plateau times haven't been bad because I never went up in weight but they also allowed me time to focus on other things not just my weight loss.

I've set different goals for myself.  Sometimes they have been weight goals (these are my least motivating goals) other times they have been total body inches (I enjoy these goals) and other times it's just been fitting into clothes that I love but can't wear because they don't fit properly. (most motivating).  I find the clothing goals most motivating because its a visual and I can attempt to put the clothes on at any size and see progress towards the goal.

So currently I have a goal to get to 200 lbs, that is the goal on myfitnesspal and my fitbit apps.  Its a good and fair goal, but I know my body and I know I am capable of gaining muscle mass faster than I lose fat, I don't know why my body works this way I just know that it does so sometimes when I am doing strength training or weight lifting that number on the scale won't decrease yet every other area will. So I am currently 2 pounds away from my first goal.  The total goal was like 50 pounds so I had to break it up into smaller amounts so that I would stay motivated.  So far I am almost down 20 pounds!!

I also have a goal to be a total of 320 body inches.  This is a total body measurement from neck to calves, I would say I measure 15 spots on my body and obviously some of those areas will be larger than others  I have been doing measurements since 2011 and I find these very motivating and you see results regardless or even because of the muscle development.  Currently I am at 346 total body inches, which is 42 inches less than where I was when I first really started in July 2016.

I also have a goal to fit into my size 10 Banana Republic Jeans (these are my favourite jeans, I seriously love how I look in them).  They are out of the container now and are hanging in my closet.  Right after my youngest son was born I could barely get them past my knees.  I may have thrown myself a pity party, but then I pulled myself up and started focusing.  Now I am able to pull them all the way up and over my hips and I can almost button them.  So I am not into them yet, but I would wager that as long as I keep working on being healthy, eating my macros and exercising I can fit into them by my birthday. BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!! A new outfit without having to buy new clothes ;)

These are the photos that are my inspiration I want to get back to this, and I would say I'm steadily making progress!!


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