Arbonne Goal Achievement

It's one thing to have a goal in your head of what you want but you have to be able to work towards that goal.  So I have a goal for my Arbonne aspect of my life.  I want to be able to hit my District Manager promotion in the next month.  But how does that goal get broken down.
Well the first thing is knowing what it takes to receive the District Manager Promotion.  It's not just something they just hand out, it is something you need to work towards.  In order to become a District Manager you need to do 7500 QV (volume of sales) over 3 months with 2500 in your last month or 6000 QV over one or two months. Then you need to maintain 2500 QV in sales each month to maintain your title as a District Manager.  
The reason I want to become a District Manager is for the override payment.  So I would make my regular commission but I would also make an 8% override which would allow me make more money on my sales, seems like a no brainer right.  I've hit District Manager before and I had it for 6 months but then I just let things slide and I didn't work my business.
So I have now set out some goals for me in my Arbonne Business.  Obviously, I want to hit 6000 QV this month so I am a District Manager for next month.  I have also set out to finding two Business Builders this month, those would be people who could also use this opportunity to help them reach their goals.  I'd also like to sign up or resign up 4 new Preferred Clients as my Preferred Client list has dropped since I have lapsed in my business.  

I will also be tracking what I do for QV in each week so I know how much more I need to work each week in order to hit my promotion.  I have also written down the number of Learn and Burns I need to do each week so I can keep my mind in my business!

On the otherside of this whiteboard I've broken down how I am going to do this.  It will happen if I have 10 parties (presentations/ appointments) this month and of those 10 I should be doing four Business Builder launches.  Where I help my business builders have their first two presentations. I'd personally like to do 4000 QV with each of my business builders doing 1000 QV.  By doing this each of my Business Builders will enter into District Qualifications.

As I book the presentations I am writing them up on the board.  I am sending out Discover Arbonne Videos to people I think would be amazing at this and who I'd like to link arms with to go out and take over the world!!

This is going to be a busy month, but it will be so worth it to start getting my family to living in financial freedom.  It will allow my husband and I to pursue our dreams for what we really want to do. I don't know what he really wants to do, but he's not completely happy with what he does and I want to go back to school to get my Masters Degree.  

So we will work hard to make this happen!!


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