2016 reflection

This is going to be a wordy post with few pictures.  But it's a post reflecting on the year that was 2016 for me.

I came into 2016 and I was going to make it the year of me.  The year I focused on the things I wanted most, putting myself first.  In some ways I definitely succeed at this but in other ways 2016 did me like it did the icons on my youth, killed my spirit!

I wrote last year in February about being in a Funk, being a little depressed (ok maybe more than a little) and essentially giving up on all things that were me.  But I kept putting one foot in front of the other and moved forward.

January of 2016 the PERFECT job landed in my lap.  It was like kismet... I actually had two interviews one at a high school I loved (NDHS RD) and one at Chandler's high school (LTCHS RD). I was torn, if both jobs came to offer what would I do... choose the position at the school I loved and had built relationships already or choose the job that was quite frankly tailor made for me..... Yeah hindsight the choice was utterly simple. I chose the job I knew I'd love and now I love working at LTCHS, it's an amazing school for an amazing district.

We made it through the winter months of 2016 fairly unscathed, I was still working out and working and kind of let my Arbonne business dwindle.  I didn't mean to let it dwindle but I just didn't have the energy to put into it. But I had it active enough that I sent myself to GTC in Vegas in April.

In this time my husband wasn't really working and it was uber stressful on our family.  But no one was talking about anything, we just kept moving forward and held unrealistic hope that things would just turn around.  The problem was our hope was drying up, things weren't turning around and we'd gotten into such a rut about things that we started ignoring each other.

I found out in May that I was going to continue working at LTCHS for the 2016-2017 school year (GLORY DAYS) and signed my contract in June.  I was sad because the teacher I was sharing the classroom with was taking an LOA (she totally deserves it) but I would miss her. We had become fast friends and who knew what the new person was going to be that they hired.  But I let that go and just knew that NO MATTER WHAT I would still be me for these students.

The summer was quiet we didn't do a lot, but my husband got a job and became employed.  We were still struggling under a mountain of debt that had accumulated from us continuing to live as if we were a two income family when we were not a two income family.  That was our fault.  We started making cut backs, cancelling our cable and looking at getting consolidation loans to pull us out of this waste land of financial instability.  I don't think this is an unusual situation in Alberta right now I think this is more accurate for most and the more I speak with people the more apparent it becomes that yes financial instability and mismanagement is the norm.  (What a sad picture that is)

I was still working out and trying to take control of my physical health.  This is the one area that 2016 did not take from me and I was triumphant.  I wasn't as triumphant as I'd have liked to be, meaning I had set backs, but in the grand scheme of things I'd say this was a win for me.  It was slow and steady but there was definite progress made.

I did go through times of huge frustration with my husband.  It wasn't all his fault I take some ownership in this piece as well.  But we just weren't talking and he was angry all the time.  He was frustrated as well and stressed due to the finances.  I get it, it still was bad that we weren't talking.  Asking him to leave the house a few times did cross my mind.  But we started talking, we started moving forward as a team and though things aren't 100 percent better between us, we are working on it.

Yesterday, his OCD stressed me out!! BIG Time, but then we left the house took the boys to the park and came home and had a relaxing evening.  I went out to a friends house for a few hours then came home and rang in the New Year with him.

I woke up this morning with a fresh perspective and I am ready to take on 2017 to make this the year for me and my family to thrive and find our dreams!!

So how was your 2016?


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