Fraudulent Voters?? come on

Three in a week!!! Sorry guys, I know I am not a political pundit, I don't even live in the USA but I am an American and I too want to see America become a great nation but not at the expense of other nations.

So Trump has come out to say that he would have won the popular vote except 3-5 million votes  were fraudulent votes.  Ummm what?? Where is the proof that this happened? There are absolutely no claims that have been brought forward except Trump's.  He won the electoral college so the popular vote doesn't even matter.

Is Trump's ego that sensitive that he will be a poor winner?  As Elsa said "Let it Go!"

Seth Meyers commented on his show and said it very succinctly you can watch it here 

But here's the other side to that.  Trump is so SURE that he lost the popular vote because of voter fraud, but, just stick with me for minute, what if the voter fraud helped Trump win the Electoral Vote?

With all the controversy around this election and the fact that Trump keeps bringing America's attention back to it maybe this will end up biting Trump in the butt.

He needs to be a gracious Leader, he needs to accept the results, like Hilary has(for the most part), she conceded, she congratulated him, she went to his inauguration.  She may not like the results but she isn't still talking about the results of the election, she is not protesting them, it's time to move on.

Trump is not the popular president but I am not surprised this is the issue he is losing sleep over,  I mean this is the man that runs popularity contests for years and criticized the ratings of the Apprentice after he left.  He's so focused on being liked that he can't stand that he is not the most beloved president ever.

But that also ticks me off because people do love Trump! People near and dear to me, who I am hoping my "Screaming Liberal" as my dad would say, views don't project that I don't respect that they love Trump.  All that happened is based on their experiences and perspective they saw something in Trump that I did not.  They are still the same people I love, we just have opposing view points.  And Trump should be grateful for the supporters he has and focus his attention on showing his dissenters what his supporters already see, that he has a vision and he is for ALL the American people and for HUMANITY!

There are quite a few things that have come out since Trump took office, a few I am happy about because I think they are beneficial, but some I have concerns with.  As it was with the Obama administration.  To be fair we won't all agree on everything, but we should discuss the issues that are important and stop focusing on the irrelevant facts.

But what would happen if it is found that Trump won the Electoral College because of fraudulent votes????

And instead of trying to prove that their was fraudulent voting (because who knows what could come of that) how about Trump just focus on where he feels the fraudulent votes could have come from and work to fix those problems. Cross reference voter lists to see if people are voting in two states and see why that may be and how you can fix that. If there is a problem I say fix it but stop pouting and saying you would have won the popular vote if xyz.  I don't know exactly what the right thing is but can we let the election results just rest so we can get on with moving forward and making positive changes for the world.


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