Wednesday Whys!!

Whenever you change something in your life the most frequent question you will receive is why?  Why are you selling Arbonne? Why did you leave teaching? Why are you doing that diet? Why aren't you friends anymore?

So here are some of my Whys?

Why have I decided to sell Arbonne?
I have been buying Arbonne for years and I love the skin care and nutrition lines, and no other products have ever come close to comparison for me.  My friend Stacey had been persistently asking me to join for years, but I kept turning her down.  Sometimes I was selling Fifth Avenue Collection (which I still love) and sometimes I just didn't want to do the direct selling.  Direct Selling is not my passion, but I do have a passion for the products, they are amazing.  So after the economic downturn of 2014 I jumped in.  I kept thinking if only I had $500-1000 extra each month we'd get out of debt and then we would be able to really start planning for our future.  So now I am selling Arbonne, I am not always the most active but it has definitely helped us out and it has definitely been significant enough to always provide what I have needed it to provide.

Why did you leave teaching?
I had left teaching five years ago and now I am back.  The main reason I left was I wasn't finding a position that I loved. I was willing to take any position but when you take positions you don't have a passion for it kind of takes the joy out of teaching.  So I went and worked with PCLASS for five years and I loved it.  Then when my current position became available I felt it was a great blend of two things I love. Working with a marginalized population in a teaching environment.  Being able to help make a difference in kids lives, it's something that I have a HUGE passion for.

Why aren't you friends anymore?
If there are people that I was once close with that I am no longer close with it would be a parting of company because of a change in our growth, not because I have any ill will towards them.  I truly believe in the analogy of the train, at birth you board a train and throughout your life many people will come onto your train.  Some will leave after a short time and others will ride the train with you for many years, some into senility.  It's not about why we aren't friends anymore it's about what lesson were they here to teach me about!!!

What are some Whys you are constantly asked?


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