Friday Five: Five Daily Habits I do

I'm not much for daily habits, the thought of being tied to doing something each and everyday (cough cough exercise) exhausts my mental capacities before I even start. But I know there are daily things I do each and every day that are super easy and make all kinds of sense.

So here they are!

1) I wash my face everyday.  I was blessed with good skin, it is very even I don't get a lot of breakouts, never really did and I have a young face.  But I do wash my face every day. It may not be my full RE9 routine but I do wash it, which is not something I can say I always did.  But over time this became more of a habit.  Especially, since I started teaching again having a clean face starts my day off right I guess.

2) I write down one positive event from the day.  It doesn't matter if I have had a bad day or my kids having been driving me nuts I sit down each night before I go to bed and write down one great thing that happened.  This has taken awhile to get into a routine but it is so much fun to look back each year to see what we were up to.

3) I eat breakfast, I have always eaten breakfast, I love breakfast.  It's not always a full five course meal but sometimes it is, for me it doesn't matter I suffer from HANGRY disease if I don't eat regularly so I eat something. It could be some quick eggs, overnight oatmeal, a smoothie, but I eat breakfast every day.

4) I tell my kids that I love them everyday.  But I make an effort in this, not because it doesn't come naturally to me, it does, but because as my children get older, having mom say I love you isn't always received with the same enthusiasm as it used to be.

5) I log my food on myfitnesspal every day.  This may be a habit I break when I feel like I've broken all my other bad habits around food, but for now it keeps me accountable and helps me see my progress

What are some habits you do each day? What are some habits you'd like to introduce to your daily routine?


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