June and a trip to Saskatchewan

It's been a busy month of June.  Busy getting over the baby blues (hormones), end of school, preparing for summer, and just getting into a new routine that works for the boys and me.  I hate saying I am busy, I've actually stopped using that word when people ask me how I've been or however they phrase the question. I legitimately tell them what I am doing or have been up to, because just saying "I've been busy" is a cop out that's like saying you don't have time to give to someone that is expressing an interest in your life and that's not fair.  (this is totally only relevant for me and I do not judge people who still answer "oh I'm so busy" when I ask how they are doing, I realize they have not come to same understanding as I have)  All of this is not to say that we haven't been doing things everyday or most days because we have it's just that I don't want to have my life defined as busy.  But I'm off on a tangent now and I should get back to telling you all about what we've been up to in June. It is July now!!!

June came out of nowhere I swear, but I think it had more to do with the new baby than anything else.  Adjusting the family to the new baby and everything was a huge adjustment.  It's still a work in progress, Lil Man love his baby brother, but our little Teddybear requires a lot of attention, so Lil Man is having to practice patience (does anyone know how to teach children to be patient, because I'm struggling).  He's not super great about being patient either s we've definitely had more tears than usual.  The fact that June is now over amazes me because it just flew by!!

The big events of June were Lil Man finishing Pre  K and our trip to Saskatchewan.

Lil Man loved his school experience!! He had a great teacher and teacher assistants.  We gave them jewelry as a year end gift.  He also came home everyday from school wanting to go back...it's summer holidays and he keeps asking when he's going to school each morning!! He accomplished almost all his IPP goals for the year, the ones he was still working towards I would say had more to do with maturity than to do with ability.

Our trip to Saskatchewan happened for two reasons.  Chandler goes back each summer to spend time with his dad and to work, plus my besties' son, D, graduated from high school and we went to celebrate that milestone.  It's a long trek back to Saskatoon and Prince Albert, but I love visiting everyone and its nice to go home!!

D's graduation party was our first event!! Out at Estelle's acreage she had 73 people in attendance, it was great!! Our Teddybear was a bit overwhelmed with all the attention, but he did quite well and his cousins loved him up!! Lil Man disappeared for hours at a time playing with other kids and I was able to visit with some old friends and I made some new friends!!

While I was in Prince Albert I was able to visit with my other long time besties, Kim, Laleh and Ang.  I always try to get a visit in with my girls because its like a spiritual reset!! I have amazing friends here in Alberta don't get me wrong, but these girls have known me through my teen years and well they just know me in a way I never have to explain. They also aren't shocked by the growth that has happened in my life, so you know its all good!!

After my trip to the north, I returned to Saskatoon. I was able to stay with my sister and we took the boys out to spray parks and swimming!!  I also got to visit with two more of my besties Michelle and Roxann!! I'll be a little sappy here (sorry, not sorry) but I don't think anyone realizes what a peaceful feeling I have come over me when I get to have visits (no matter how short) with these amazing women in my life.  And this does not just apply to the girls in Saskatchewan, this is all the girls who are in my circle of friends.  It's an energy thing for me, nothing beats it!!

Now we are back home, taking on July with vengeance, seems to me like it's going to be september before we even know it!!


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