Happy Two Months!!

It's been two months since our Teddybear joined the family!! It's been a busy two months and there have been some interesting adjustments that we have made.  Your big brother, who used to be the baby,  has taken on his role as Big Brother with love and grace. It's taking him some getting used to that Mommy can't jump every time he calls, but he loves you and is trying to understand. He has even verbalized that now that you are here I can no longer call him Baby.  My Baby is now Teddybear,  Lil man is now my little boy.

As for you my sweet little Teddybear, you are a sweet, bright eyed, happy little baby.  You've started smiling (not for the camera) and we've even gotten a laugh out of you. The air is doing a number on your sinuses as you seem to have allergies, but you tolerating the nasal aspiration and you continue to look around in wonder at the world around you!  You've started holding your head up more and more and even now are enjoying some time in your Bumbo chair!!

We've been on a trip and you did extremely well.  You even tolerated meeting countless new people and charmed them all.  You've been swimming and kicked and splashed the whole time.  You went to Gull Lake and tolerated the warmth and sun well!! You have even gone on a date with Mommy to the theatre and you did fantastic!!

You still have some dislikes, like being put down, loud noises, nasal aspirator and extended tummy time.

You let us know when you are tired and to calm you down you like to have the blanket put over your head with the soother in your mouth!!

We love you Teddybear and look forward to many years of memories in our little family!!



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