Day Trip to Gull Lake

Growing up in Northern Saskatchewan a girl can become pretty spoiled when it comes to lakes.  There are so many good clean lakes within an easy 45 minute drive that you just think that everyone must have this luxury.  And it is a luxury, let me tell you, because not everywhere has this benefit and if there is one thing I miss more than anything, it's living in such close proximity to so many great lakes.   (Saskatchewan you have amazing lakes)

Now that I live in Central Alberta, I've had to make some adjustments to my lake habits.  I was a girl who would go to the lake any chance I got and I would be in the lake swimming for hours and hours, now not so much.  Mostly because I don't find the lakes here that appealing to me.  Again I blame Saskatchewan for spoiling me, but the closest lakes to my current living space aren't as good as back home, they are good, just not as good.  I think Sylvan Lake is pretty, it's a cute lake town but it's always so busy and I don't know the area well enough to know where the more seclude public areas might be that might not be as busy so that's a turn off for me. Plus Sylvan is over run with university aged people that are big into partying and this momma is so far removed from that scene now!!
The next closest lake is Gull Lake, which I have just really discovered.  It's actually pretty nice, but it seems to be busy as well and again not knowing the area, it's hard to say where we could go that may be less busy.  But Gull Lake was at least busy with families and not a lot of young party kids.

So I've found a beach within 35 minutes of my home so that's improving.  Lil Man loved his day out at the lake and I loved that he was happy playing in the water and sand for FOUR hours and never once bothered me to play with him!! he had a lot of fun with his friend and I was able to visit with my friend.  So it looks like the lake situation in Alberta may be improving but I'd still like to to find some more beaches and options, I still miss my Saskatchewan lakes!!


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