When Ebay first came onto the scene, like years and years ago, I had gone on and ordered a thing or two, but really I didn't get it and I had no interest in continuing with it, then the other day happened....

I was perusing Ebay for some Pandora charms for my bracelet, because I recalled a friend of mine telling me how she had scored a Pandora charm for $6.  I thought that was a steal of a deal and hey maybe I could find a deal like that as well.  And deals I found, like hundreds of them, and so I did what people do on Ebay, I bid on an auction or two.  Or five or six!!  I bid on the auctions as a hey maybe I'll get them, but I'm not going to bid too high because I'm just testing the waters here..... but I still won two auctions, it was incredible actually. I was super excited, because it felt like I had won. Not just purchased something, but actually won something. I think that's part of the high of Ebay, you feel like you are winning, and they tell you you won the auction.

Then after looking for Pandora charms, I thought hey, I'd like a new Kate Spade Purse, let's see what's out there.  I found two that I really liked, a purple one and a blue one.  I have now won the Purple Kate Spade Bag and it should be here soon, and I have let the blue one go. I don't need to be greedy, besides the blue one has gotten a little pricey for me!!

So now I've started shopping on Ebay, and I've started shopping online.  I like WhitePlum and Agnes and Dora as well as Zulily.  I may be able to go on shopping sprees now without ever having to leave my house.... but really the most fun thing about shopping sprees is hanging out with a girlfriend and trying on different outfits!!

I'm going to take a break from the online shopping for a bit.... need to replenish and purge my own closet before I can buy more.  Ebay just seems like more fun then kijiji though!!


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