Celebrating my imperfections part 2

One of the things that Dr. Brene Brown has you focus on in her book is "how do you DIG Deep?"  Now her definition of DIG deep isn't the traditional definition, it's not about how hard you work, or how far you push yourself to accomplish a task at hand, digging for more energy just to finish a task.  It's looking at things in three stages
Get Determined
Get Inspired
Get Going
K wrote: How do you traditionally "dig deep"? Do you just keep pushing until your near the burn-out point?
Can you think of a time in your life when you used a WHOLEHEARTED approach to dig deep?
My response to the question was this: I have myself done the Dig Deep where I just keep pushing and pushing to complete things, but there has always come a point where i have to take what's not done and blow it away. Ususally something gets left undone and I used to feel guilty about it, but now I don't. as to the wholehearted approach to dig deep, I try to focus on what's important and because my boys are small right now (I don't know that they ever get too big for this next half of the statement) I always carve out time in the day that is dedicated especially for them, each of them gets some time with me one on one and as long as that happens it's a good day. I try to be very intentional in what I am doing, but sometimes things don't get done, and sometimes you have to put those things in a bubble and blow them away and not worry about them because you can drive yourself crazy.

What's important in your life? How will you DIG deep to get it?


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