Sparks Center Calgar

It was a rainy, overcast Saturday so the original plans of golfing were kiboshed and new plans had to be made.  Hubby thought we might like to go to the Science Center in Calgary, I was game so we got ready, loaded ourselves into the truck and headed on down to Calgary.

Lil Man was very excited o be at the science centre. I'm not actually sure he really saw anything he was all over the place, but there were tons of smiles and even more questions then usual.  My four year old loves to ask questions, he asks so many questions on a daily basis, that I wish I knew someone who did brain scans to see how his brain fires.  His train of thought is seriously all over the place.

We walked through the whole centre top and bottom, it was quite humid and warm in there which made it a little uncomfortable, but Lil Man loved the exhibits, especially any that had to do with water.

He also enjoyed the magnets, and the electric stuff.  At one point he said to another little child, "my daddy is really good at this stuff." His dad was very proud.

Teddybear enjoyed the lights and colour things, I went into the space that shows the northern lights and Teddybear was just looking all around.

After a snack of an ICEE (my favourite slushy drink) we went down to the creative museum (its an area of children 8 and under).  Lil Man was all over there too and didn't want to leave. Even Teddybear was able to enjoy a couple places and enjoyed looking at himself in the mirrors!!

We finally left the Sparks Centre at 3:30 and headed to Olive Garden for supper.  I was quite proud of Lil Man's behaviour at supper, he did very well, he wasn't jumping all over the place, he was still asking questions but I secretly hope he never stops!!

All in all it was a good day, wish Chandler would have been with us, but we will go again and I'm sure Chandler will come with us then!!


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