Water challenge update #2

2 weeks of drinking water
Well as you have come to realize I am not a fan of drinking water, it was my least favourite thing to do, I'd much rather a pepsi or orange juice, but those have "empty" calories and water is good for me. So about four weeks ago I began my water drinking challenge, click the link to read about that, and two weeks ago I posted an update with a picture, and I actually admitted to liking water.  and here is another update for you.

I'm now craving water! CRAVING it!!!  If I don't get at least three litres in a day, I wake up the next morning with a terrible headache, so in rode to avoid that I drink water, every day, all day long!! I like water, especially iced water!! But I'm even drinking water that is room temperature now! What is wrong with me????

Nothing actually, absolutely nothing is wrong with me, I am just giving my body something that it
3 weeks drinking water
needs and it is giving me what I need. Regular bowel routines for one, soft skin, smooth skin as well, any other problems I was having health wise (except this crazy plugged ear) have been cleared up, the only thing I'm doing differently is the water intake.  Crazy right?  Well maybe not but it seems crazy that a little Hydrogen and Oxygen mixing together to form this liquid can be so powerful and so potent that it can be life altering.

For me it is life altering because I enjoy drinking water now, I still enjoy my pepsi, my orange juice a coffee now and then, but I only have those things after I have had a water bottle full of water.  They are rewards so the more I want to drink in a day, the more water I have to consume.  So if I want a pepsi, a coffee, an orange juice and slush, I have to drink 4 litres of water and I really don't mind!!

So that's it, my little challenge to make drinking water a habit has occurred and I have been successful.  Next challenge may involve eating vegetables, I don't feel like I eat enough so once I figure that out I'll let you all know!!


  1. Great job Jenn!! I was the same way and now love water too . And I do the same thing. If I want to drink a coffee I have to have a glass of water too. Keep it up!


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